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The main upgrading progress in Sea of Conquest is done through leveling up your Flagship. This is your main vessel and source of your combat and trading powers on the high seas as well as being home for your crew of sailors and a source of many resources.

You will also have your own fleet of small ships that add power and versatility to your abilities but they will be capped in level and number by your Flagships level.

Upgrading the flagship will require Gold to pay for it, but you will also need to fulfill other upgrade requirements in your ships cabins to unlock the levels. To help you plan for your upgrades and see what needs to be completed we have a list of the requirements for the early stages of the game.

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Flagship Upgrade Requirements

Level Cost Requirements
2 500 Gold
3 1.5K Gold
4 3K Gold
5 5K Gold
6 20K Gold
7 50K Gold Lvl 6 Drill Hall
8 100K Gold Lvl 7 Enlistment Quarters
9 200K Gold Lvl 8 Liaison Office
10 500K Gold Lvl 9 Astrologer's Chamber
11 1M Gold Lvl 10, Galley, Lvl 10 Distillery
12 1.5M Gold Lvl 11 Captains Quarters, Lvl 11 Enlistment Quarters
13 2M Gold Lvl 12 Astrologers Chamber, Lvl 12 Sick Bay
14 2.5M Gold Lv 13 Liaison Office, Lv 13 Drill Hall
15 3M Gold Lvl 14 Galley, Lvl 14 Distillery
16 3.5M Gold Lvl 15 Captains Quarters, Lv 15 Enlistment Quarters
17 4M Gold Lvl 16 Astrologers Chamber, Lvl 16 Sick Bay.
18 4.5M Gold Lvl 17 Liaison Office, Lvl 17 Drill hall
19 5M Gold Lvl 18 Distillery, Lvl 18 Galley
20 5.5 m Gold Lvl 19 Enlistment Quarters, Lvl 19 Captains Quarters
21 6.5M Gold Lvl 20 Astrologers Chamber, Lvl 20 Sick Bay.
22 7M Gold Lvl 21 Liaison Office, Lvl 21 Drill hall
23 8M Gold Lvl 22 Distillery, Lvl 22 Galley
24 10M Gold Lvl 23 Enlistment Quarters, Lvl 23 Captains Quarters
25 12M Gold Lvl 24 Astrologers Chamber, Lvl 24 Sick Bay.
26 15M Gold Lvl 25 Liaison Office, Lvl 25 Drill hall
27 18M Gold Lvl 26 Distillery, Lvl 26 Galley
28 22M Gold Lvl 27 Enlistment Quarters, Lvl 27 Captains Quarters
29 26M Gold Lvl 28 Astrologers Chamber, Lvl 28 Sick Bay.
30 30M Gold Lvl 29 Liaison Office, Lvl 29 Drill hall
31 30M Gold Lvl 30 Distillery, Lvl 30 Galley
32 31M Gold Lvl 31 Enlistment Quarters, Lvl 31 Captains Quarters
33 32M Gold Lvl 32 Astrologers Chamber, Lvl 32 Sick Bay.
34 33M Gold Lvl 33 Liaison Office, Lvl 33 Drill hall
35 34M Gold Lvl 34 Distillery, Lvl 34 Galley
36 ? Lvl 35 Enlistment Quarters, Lvl 35 Captains Quarters

Check for the other cabin requirements below

How much does it cost to upgrade the other ships in your fleet?

Fleet Ships upgrade costs

Related Cabin Requirements

Some of the cabins required for the flagship upgrades above also have requirements to meet at each level. For example the Level 21 Flagship requires a Level 20 Astrologers chamber. To reach this you will need to upgrade the Construction Materials Room to Level 19.

Cabin Related Requirement
Astrologers Chamber Construction Materials Room
Drill Hall Smithing Table
Galley Salvage Bay & Cattle Shed
Distillery Water Cabin & Chicken Coop
Captains Quarters Mess Hall


Completing the upgrade to Level 8 will remove the beginners protection, after this you can be attacked by other players in the seas.

Additional fleet ship slots unlock at:

  • 4th - Level 22
  • 5th - Level 31
  • 6th - Level 40

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