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Galley Recipes
Galley Recipes

Cooking (and distilling) in Sea of Conquest is a function of your main flagship that lets you make food and drink. As a side function of the main game these supplies are useful to you for making long voyages, but they also let you earn free emeralds and complete several events that will gain you gold and other useful rewards.

With so many recipes now in the game and new ones being released each season, here is our handy table of all recipes in Sea of Conquest. We actively play this game, as well as monitor the comments on this page so you can be sure that any new recipes that are added to the game will be included here. If there is anything you are not sure about, please feel free to drop us a comment below.

Update: New recipes are released with each new season of the game. The latest recipes up to Season 5 have been released and they are all now listed below
Sea of Conquest Distillery Recipes

All recipes for distilling drinks.

What do I need to get recipes for

In the Galley you will have a list of food dishes that you can cook. To do this you first need to find the recipe for each from the food items available to you. Each of the dishes that you discover a recipe for will initially earn you 20 emeralds. After this you can quikc cook the food item to create supplies.

Supplies can be used on voyages to keep the crew morale up, if this drops too low the sailing speed will drop considerably and you can end up losing sailors from your ship. Supplies can also be sold in the Mess hall to earn Gold.

In addition to this each season will bring a Sea Voyage quest that will offer rewards and you can earn progress by discovering the recipes. The Pirate Revel event will also let you earn Lots of Gold and other rewards through cooking specific dishes.

All Sea of Conquest Cooking Recipes

The recipes for cooking food in the galley in Sea of Conquest come in 5 rarity classes. These are C, B, A, S and S+. The lower class recipes are made with simple ingredients, while for the S and S+ class recipes you will need to use more items or higher rarity ingredients.

Shown below is our full list of the recipes and the known ingredients that you need to make them. In some cases there will be more than one way to make them with similar items but these have all been tested and shown to work.

If you have any different recipes for any of the items please post them in the comments below so we can expand the list for all of our pirate brethren.

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  • Some items have more than one possible recipe, usually there will be 1 or more required ingredients and others are optional. We will try to list the basic ingredients needed for each item.
  • Ingredient Rarity. Fish items have a range of rarities and types. From orange (legendary) down to green (common). In many cases this will affect the dish that is produced and the recipe. Check you have the correct level of ingredient for the dish you want.

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Most Useful Recipes

Before we list out all of the current recipes in the game we would like to highlight a few of the more useful ones that you might need as you play.

The first thing to look for with recipes is the Pirate Revel event. If this is on, then fulfilling the food (and drink) orders for that event should be a priority. It will let you earn a good booty of gold that will be very useful to you. The list of dishes required is random so you will need to check but it will often include items such as:

Hot broth 3x Water
Freshly Fried Egg 3x Eggs
Ordinary Cake 2x Eggs, 1 Milk (or 2 milk and 1 egg)
Yummy Grilled Fish 2x Purple Fish
Tasty Fish Soup 1 orange fish, 1 blue fish, 1 water.
Freshly Made Ice Cream 3x Milk
Freshly Fried Fish 1 orange Fish, 1 egg, 1 milk

And also drinks such as

Reserve Gin 3x Juniper Berry
Reserve Vodka 3x Potato

If you are looking for a quick and easy dish to make that you can use for supplies on voyages and also to sell in the Mess Hall then we recommend the Sumptuous Cake. The ingredients are very easy to obtain in large quantities.

Sumptuous Cake 3x Milk, 1 Egg

Finally we also recommend having a stock of the following items as they can be needed when doing the Landward quests while exploring the map. Random incidents or incidents in 'The Cave' events can ask for these and having them available will save you time.

Ordinary Rum 1 Sugar Cane
Rare-grilled Fish 1 green or blue fish

S+ Tier Recipes

Dish Ingredients
Divine Fish soup 1 orange fish, 1 purple fish, 1 water.
Heavenly Fried Fish Taco 1 Maize, 3 purple fish
Exquisite Fish Slices 4x Orange Fish
Crispy Fired Fish 2x Eggs, 2x Orange fish
Finger Licking Grilled Fish 1 Purple Fish, 1 Orange Fish
Sumptuous Cake 3x Milk, 1 Egg
Heavenly Minced Meat Taco 1 Maize, 3x raw meat
Divine Bone Broth 2 Marrowbone, 1 Water, 1 Honey
Finger Linking Oatmeal Cookies 1 Milk, 1 Egg, 1 Honey, 1 Oats
Sumptuous Vegetable Soup 1 Milk, 2 Cabbage, 1 Honey
Sumptuous Borscht 1 Milk, 1 Cabbage, 2 Meat
Heavenly Toasted Pine Nuts 3 Pine Nuts, 1 Honey
Superb Honey Glazed Ham 2 Meat, 1 Honey, 1 Milk
Marvelous Milk Candy 1 Pine Nuts, 1 Honey, 2 Milk
Hearty Baked Beans 2x Pinto Beans, 2x Jerky
Hearty Apple Pie 2x Apples, 2x Honey
Hearty Bacon Stew 2x Jerky, 1 water, 1 Raw Meat
Hearty Can 2x Apples, 2x Berries
Heavenly Shrimp Tempura 2x Eggs, 2x Kuruma Prawn
Sumptuous Miso Soup 1 Purple Fish (or orange), 2x Kombu, 1 Water
Finger Licking Dorayaki 1 Wheat, 1 Egg, 2 Red Beans
Exquisite Sushi 1 Rice, 2 Orange Fish
Hearty Ful Medamus 2x Lentils, 2x Raw Meat
Heavenly Ta'ameya 2x Mung Beans, 2x Onions
Heavenly Meat Pie 2x Raw Meat, 2x Onions
Sumptuous Rice 2x Rice, 2x Lentils

S Tier Recipes

Dish Ingredients
Tasty Fish soup 1 orange fish, 1 blue fish, 1 water.
Smooth Ice Cream 4x Millk
Nice Fried Egg 4x Egg
Fluffy Cake 2 eggs, 2 milk
Luscious Meatballs 4x Raw Meat
Appetizing Fruit Salad 4x Berries
Crispy Tortilla Chips 4x Maize
Tender Fish Slices 2 orange fish, 2 purple fish
Wonderfully Fried Fish 2x Eggs, 2 Purple Fish
Yummy Grilled Fish 2 Purple Fish
Delicious Broth 4x Water
Delicious Fried Fish Taco 1 Maize, 2x purple fish
Delicious Minced Meat Taco 2x Maize, 2x Raw Meat
Crispy Oatmeal Cookies 2 Oats, 1 Milk, 1 Egg
Delicious Vegetable Soup 2 Cabbage, 2 Water
Delicious Borscht 2 Cabbage, 1 Meat, 1 Milk
Delicious Toasted Pine Nuts 4x Pine Nuts
Palatable Honey Glazed Ham 1 Meat, 1 Milk, 1 Honey
Smooth Milk Candy 3 Milk, 1 Honey
Tasty Bone Broth 3 Marrowbone, 1 water
Delicious Baked Beans 3x Pinto Beans, 1x Jerky
Delicious Apple Pie 3x Apples, 1x Honey
Delicious Bacon Stew 1x Jerky, 1x water, 2x Raw Meat
Delicious Can 2x Apples, 1x Berries
Delicious Shrimp Tempura 3x Kuruma Prawn, 1 Egg
Delicious Miso Soup 1 Purple Fish (or orange), 1 Kombu, 2x Water
Delicious Dorayaki 1 Read Beans, 1 Egg, 2x Wheat
Delicious Sushi 1 Rice, 2x Purple Fish
Delicious Ful Medamus 2x Lentils, 1 Raw Meat
Delicious Ta'ameya 2 Mung Beans, 1 Onions
Delicious Meat Pie 2x Onions, 1 Raw Meat
Delicious Rice 3x Lentils, 1 Rice

A Tier Recipes

Dish Ingredients
Nicely Grilled Fish 1 orange fish
Freshly Made Tortilla Chips 3x Maize
Fresh Fish Slices 4x Purple Fish
Freshly Fried Fish 1 orange Fish, 1 egg, 1 milk
Hot Fish Soup 1 Water, 1 Orange Fish
Freshly Baked Cake 3x Eggs, 1 Milk
Freshly Made Ice Cream 3x Milk
Freshly Fried Egg 3x Egg
Hot Broth 3x Water
Freshly Made Meatballs 3x Raw Meat
Fresh Fruit Salad 3x Berries
Freshly Made Fried Fish Taco 3x Blue Fish, 1 Maize
Freshly Made Minced Meat Taco 3x Maize, 1 Raw Meat
Freshly Made Oatmeal Cookies 1 Milk, 1 Oats, 1 Egg
Hot Vegetable Soup 3 Cabbage, 1 water
Hot Borscht 2 Meat, 2 Cabbage
Freshly Toasted Pine Nuts 3x Pine Nuts
Freshly Made Honey Glazed Ham 2 Meat, 2 Honey
Freshly Made Milk Candy 2 Milk, 2 Honey
Hot Bone Broth 2 Marrowbone, 2 Water
Fresh Baked Beans 2x Pinto Beans, 1x Jerky
Fresh Apple Pie 2x Apples, 1x Honey
Fresh Bacon Stew 3x Jerky, 1 water
Fresh Can 1x Apples, 1x Berries
Freshly Made Shrimp Tempura 3x Eggs, 1 Kuruma Prawn
Hot Miso Soup 2x Kombu, 2x Water
Freshly Made Dorayaki 1 Wheat, 1 Egg, 1 Red Beans
Freshly Made Sushi 1 Rice, 1 Orange Fish
Fresh Ful Medamus 1 Lentils, 2x Raw Meat
Fresh Ta'ameya 1 Mung Beans, 2x Onions
Freshly Made Meat Pie 2x Raw Meat, 1 Onions
Well-cooked Rice 3x Rice, 1 Lentils

B Tier Recipes

Dish Ingredients
Ordinary Grilled Fish 1 purple fish
Ordinary Fish Slices 1 orange Fish, 3 blue fish
Ordinary Fried Fish 2x Blue fish, 1 Egg
Ordinary Fish Soup 2x Blue Fish, 1 Water
Ordinary Cake 2x Egss, 1 Milk (or 2 milk and 1 egg)
Ordinary Ice Cream 2x Milk
Ordinary Fried Egg 2x Egg
Ordinary Broth 2x Water
Ordinary Meatballs 2x Raw Meat
Ordinary Fruit Salad 2x berries
Ordinary Tortilla Chips 2x Maize
Ordinary Fried Fish Taco 2x blue fish, 1 Maize
Ordinary Minced Meat Taco 1 Maize, 2 raw meat
Ordinary Oatmeal Cookies 1 Oats, 1 Egg
Ordinary Vegetable Soup 1 Cabbage, 1 Water
Ordinary Borscht 2 Meat, 1 cabbage
Ordinary Toasted Pine Nuts 2x Pine Nuts
Plain Honey Glazed Ham 2 Meat, 1 Honey
Ordinary Milk Candy 2 Milk, 1 Honey
Ordinary Bone Broth 2 Marrowbone , 1 Water
Ordinary Baked Beans 2x Pinto Beans
Ordinary Apple Pie 2x Apples
Ordinary Bacon Stew 2x Jerky, 1 water
Ordinary Shrimp Tempura 2x Eggs, 1x Kuruma Prawn
Ordinary Miso Soup 2x Kombu, 1 Water
Ordinary Dorayaki 2x Red Beans, 1 Wheat
Ordinary Sushi 1x Rice, 1x Purple Fish
Ordinary Ful Medamus 1 Lentils, 1 Raw meat
Ordinary Ta'ameya 1 Mung Beans, 1 Onions
Ordinary Meat Pie 1 Onions, 1 Lamb
Plain Rice 1 Rice, 2x Lentils

C Tier Recipes

Dish Ingredients
Canned Broth 1 water
Slimey Ice Cream 1 milk
Greasy Cake 1 egg, 1 milk
Mushy Tortilla Chips 1 Maize
Burnt Fish 1 Blue Fish, 1 Egg
Salted Fish Soup 1 water, 1 green fish
Rare-Grilled Fish 1 green or blue fish
Burnt Egg 1 egg
Tough Meatballs 1x Raw Meat
Rotten Fruit Salad 1x Berries
Raw Fish Taco 1 Maize, 1 green fish
Raw Minced Meat Taco 1 Maize, 1 raw meat
Mushy Oatmeal Cookies 1 Oats
Canned Vegetable Soup 1 Cabbage
Canned Borscht 1 Cabbage, 1 Meat
Raw Pine Nuts 1 Pine Nuts
Burnt Honey Glazed Ham 1 Meat, 1 Honey
Slimey Milk Candy 1 Milk, 1 Honey
Salted Bone Broth 1 Marrowbone, 1 Water
Undesirable Food 1 Wheat
Simple Baked Beans 1x Pinto Beans
Simple Apple Pie 1x Apples
Simple Bacon Stew 1x Jerky, 1x water
Raw Shrimp Tempura 1x Egg, 1x Kuruma Prawn
Salted Miso Soup 1 Water, 1 Kombu
Mushy Dorayaki 1 Wheat, 1 Red Beans
Stale Sushi 1x Rice, 1x Green Fish
Simple Ful Medamus 1 Lentils
Burnt Ta'ameya 1 Mung Beans
Raw Meat Pie 1 Onions
Simple Rice 1 Rice, 1 Lentils

Please help expand this list by adding any new recipe information you have below. Thank you.

Cooking and Recipes Explained

Cooking and recipes guide

What is the food worth

Apart from competing those very useful Pirate Revel events which will get you a great gold booty, the food that you make can be used to gain Supplies to feed your crew on the long voyages or can be sold for Gold in the Mess Hall to further boost your earnings.

If you want to know what each of the dishes is worth check the tables below.

S+ Tier Recipe Values

Dish Supplies Gold
Divine Fish soup 88 Supplies 440 Gold
Heavenly Fried Fish Taco 600 Supplies 3000 Gold
Exquisite Fish Slices 384 Supplies 1920 Gold
Crispy Fired Fish 104 Supplies 520 Gold
Finger Licking Grilled Fish 80 Supplies 400 Gold
Sumptuous Cake 96 Supplies 480 Gold
Heavenly Minced Meat Taco 600 Supplies 3000 Gold

S Tier Recipe Values

Dish Supplies Gold
Tasty Fish soup 72 Supplies 360 Gold
Smooth Ice Cream 64 Supplies 320 Gold
Nice Fried Egg 32 Supplies 160 Gold
Fluffy Cake 64 Supplies 320 Gold
Luscious Meatballs 384 Supplies 1920 Gold
Appetizing Fruit Salad 192 Supplies 960 Gold
Crispy Tortilla Chips 192 Supplies 960 Gold
Tender Fish Slices 192 Supplies 960 Gold
Wonderfully Fried Fish 72 Supplies 360 Gold
Yummy Grilled Fish 64 Supplies 320 Gold
Delicious Broth 32 Supplies 160 Gold
Delicious Fried Fish Taco 384 Supplies 1920 Gold
Delicious Minced Meat Taco 384 Supplies 1920 Gold

A Tier Recipe Values

Dish Supplies Gold
Nicely Grilled Fish 48 Supplies 240 Gold
Freshly Made Tortilla Chips 108 Supplies 540 Gold
Fresh Fish Slices 128 Supplies 640 Gold
Freshly Fried Fish 56 Supplies 280 Gold
Hot Fish Soup 56 Supplies 280 Gold
Freshly Baked Cake 40 Supplies 200 Gold
Freshly Made Ice Cream 36 Supplies 180 Gold
Freshly Fried Egg 18 Supplies 90 Gold
Hot Broth 18 Supplies 90 Gold
Freshly Made Meatballs 216 Supplies 1080 Gold
Fresh Fruit Salad 108 Supplies 540 Gold
Freshly Made Fried Fish Taco 216 Supplies 1080 Gold
Freshly Made Minced Meat Taco 216 Supplies 1080 gold

B Tier Recipe Values

Dish Supplies Gold
Ordinary Grilled Fish 20 Supplies 100 Gold
Ordinary Fish Slices 96 Supplies 480 Gold
Ordinary Fried Fish 30 Supplies 150 Gold
Ordinary Fish Soup 30 Supplies 150 Gold
Ordinary Cake 24 Supplies 120 Gold
Ordinary Ice Cream 20 Supplies 100 Gold
Ordinary Fried Egg 10 Supplies 100 Gold
Ordinary Broth 10 Supplies 50 Gold
Ordinary Meatballs 210 Supplies 1050 Gold
Ordinary Fruit Salad 105 Supplies 525 Gold
Ordinary Tortilla Chips 105 Supplies 525 Gold
Ordinary Fried Fish Taco 168 Supplies 840 Gold
Ordinary Minced Meat Taco 168 Supplies 840 Gold

C Tier Recipe Values

Dish Supplies Gold
Canned Broth 4 Supplies 20 Gold
Slimey Ice Cream 8 Supplies 40 Gold
Greasy Cake 15 Supplies 75 Gold
Mushy Tortilla Chips 24 Supplies 120 Gold
Burnt Fish 15 Supplies 75 Gold
Salted Fish Soup 15 Supplies 75 Gold
Rare-Grilled Fish Provides 8 Supplies 50 Gold
Burnt Egg 4 Supplies 20 Gold
Tough Meatballs 48 Supplies 240 Gold
Rotten Fruit Salad 24 Supplies 120 Gold
Raw Fish Taco 30 Supplies 150 Gold
Raw Minced Meat Taco 24 supplies 120 Gold

This concludes our list all cooking recipes in Sea of Conquest, for drinks, check out our distillery recipes list, and don't forget to check if there are any freebies available on our gift codes page.

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