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Different games provide you with features that lets you play and interact with other players as well. In Revived Witch, you can join a Guild in order to talk with other players, and you can also use features that a guild can only provide.

In this page, we’ll be checking the Guild feature as well as its benefits. You’ll want to be able to get as much resources as possible in order to make your Dolls stronger, so joining a guild can help you with that goal. Let’s check the features you can find here.

What is the Guild?

The Guild is a feature that you can unlock in the Hall of Origin once you have completed Chapter 2.5-2 in the game’s campaign story. Upon accessing the Guild feature for the first time, you’re provided with the option to view the Guilds that are available for you to join, or perhaps you can create your own guild.

Join an existing Guild, or create your own
Join an existing Guild, or create your own

Some Guilds require approval in order for you to join them, while some let you join in automatically. If you have a friend that is in a specific guild, then you can search their guild ID in case you want to join them as well. If you want to join on any guild as fast as possible, you can use the Quick Join button on the lower right.

Upon joining a Guild, you’ll be able to access the Guild Chat interface, and you’ll find simple details of the Guild such as their name, guild ID, and a checklist of the tasks you can complete for Guild EXP. There’s a button on the lower right to view the guild members as well. When Revived Witch launched, only the chat feature was available, however there’s an event tab that has been added now.

Chat with your Guild Members or check the Event tab
Chat with your Guild Members or check the Event tab

A Guild can gain experience whenever the members clear their daily pray missions, therefore everyone must try their best and max out their pray activity to 100. Once the guild levels up, you’ll be able to get more guild member slots, as well as a higher guild shop level which can provide better items. Guild levels will upgrade on the next day at 4 AM UTC-7 once the experience requirements have been met.

Guild Donations

When checking the Events tab, you’ll be able to participate in Guild Donations. This is a group effort for the entire guild, and everyone’s progress is reset to 0 every Monday at 4 AM UTC-7. The main goal of the Guild Donation event is to reach the points required to max out the possible rewards. In order to Donate, you can provide Equipment EXP materials, as well as Class Quartzes.

Donate items and get Guild Quartzes as rewards
Donate items and get Guild Quartzes as rewards

The rewards that you can claim here are Guild Quartzes. Once you have maxed out your donation, you’ll have to depend on your other guild mates in order for them to donate as well so everyone can max out the bar. In doing so, you can receive up to 200 Guild Quartzes in total each week. So, try to join an active guild in order to get the max amount of Guild Quartz available.

Guild Shop

The Guild Quartz is a currency that you’ll be able to use in the Guild Shop under the Supplies tab. Here, you can purchase items such as Soul Cryolites, Runestones, Skill Pacts, Class Quartzes, and more. Better items will be provided for you once you have increased the guild’s shop level.

Use the Guild Shop to get useful items for Summoning, or items to make your Dolls stronger
Use the Guild Shop to get useful items for Summoning, or items to make your Dolls stronger

All of the items that you can acquire here will help in summoning new Dolls, as well as making them stronger through Ascension, Skill Improvement, and Equipment Enchantment. There will be more stages added to the game as more updates arrive, so you’ll want to get the best stats for your Dolls.

In terms of other features in the Guild, perhaps more will be added in future updates as well in the game. For now, you can focus on helping with Guild Donation and saving up your Guild Quartzes for the shop.

This concludes our Guild page for Revived Witch. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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