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In Revived Witch, you get to play as the main Witch character who’s trying to recover her memories. In order to progress through the story, she has the capability of summoning and using souls placed in vessels called Dolls.

These Dolls will be your companions throughout the story, and in this page, we’ll be providing you with a guide on how they work, what kinds there are, and a lot more. Learning more about the features of Dolls in Revived Witch will be useful.

What are Dolls?

In Revived Witch, you get to play as the main character which has the Witch class. You’ll be naming this character, and they are the only one of their kind. As you play through the story, you’ll be acquiring companions to your team called Dolls. With the Witch’s power, you’re able to put souls into vessels known as Dolls, and they’ll be the characters you will need in battle.

You can acquire Dolls of various rarities and classes
You can acquire Dolls of various rarities and classes

Rarity: Dolls come in various rarities such as UR, SSR, SR, R, and EX and they are acquired through the Summon feature at the Hall of Origin. You’ll also acquire some Dolls through the story, as well as some of the game’s features such as log in bonuses and pre-registration rewards.

Element Bonus: Each Doll comes with a specific element, and you can acquire the following: Mercury, Saltstone, Brimstone, and Aether. The Witch (your main character) is considered to have all elements. Elements work together if you have same elements on your team, here are the buff effects as follows:

  • Deployed Dolls are of the same element: Team Health, ATK & DEF all + 10%

  • Deployed Dolls and backup are of the same element: Team Health, ATK & DEF all + 15%

  • Doll Classes

    In Revived Witch, each Doll comes with a type or class available. This will determine their role in battle, so you will want to have a mix and match of various combinations for your team. In typical RPGs, you usually have DPS characters, Tanks, Support, etc. This is also available in the game, and you can have the following classes available:

    Doll ClassDescription
    WitchA mysterious figure proficient in an unknown magic.
    GuardianDolls with excellent survival ability.
    DestroyerDolls that are not afraid of a head-on confrontation.
    AssassinDolls that swiftly deal Physical DMG over time to back row target.
    CompellerDolls that inflict all sorts of buffs and debuffs
    HealerDolls that provide recovery for the team.
    MageDolls that cast various forms of magic.

    How to make Dolls stronger

    In order to progress through the game, you’ll have to make your Witch as well as your other Dolls stronger. Each chapter you unlock in the game will have enemies that have higher levels and stats, so you will need to adjust your team accordingly. By tapping on each Doll that you have, you’ll be able to view their Attributes, as well as the various ways of making them stronger.

    Tap on each Doll to view their Attributes as well as check how to make them stronger
    Tap on each Doll to view their Attributes as well as check how to make them stronger

    Leveling: Your main way of making Dolls stronger is by increasing their current level which increases their stats. In order to do this, Dolls must acquire EXP from the game, and this can be done by completing battles. Tapping on the + button on the level bar will let you enhance their level manually by using Mana. You can acquire this from the game’s story, the Mana Dreamland, as well as through your daily rewards.

    Ascending: Once you have reached the maximum level cap for your Doll, you’ll want to Ascend them. Each Doll that you acquire starts from 0, then you can Ascend them to 1, 2, 3, and 4. By tapping on the Ascend Button, you’ll be able to check the requirements for ascension. Aside from their max level, you will need to provide Ascension Materials which you can acquire from the Dreamworld as well as the Witch Courtyard. Ascending provides better stats, a new level cap, and it can unlock new costumes for your Dolls as well.

    Evolving: Whenever you get a duplicate Doll, they get converted to Soul Stones which can be used for evolution. Evolving your characters lets you increase their stats, and you can have this done up to 3 times. Not only will you need their character Soul Stone, but you will also need their Class Soul Stone which is dependent on their rarity which can be purchased from the Shop.

    Skills: Aside from improving your Doll’s stats, you can also increase their skill levels and provide them with equipment in order to boost their abilities. Improving their skills will require you to use Skill improvement materials which can be acquired through the story as well as the Skill Material section in the Dreamworld. Some skills can only be unlocked as well with the proper level requirements.

    Equipment: Equipment on the other hand can be acquired through the campaign as well as the Doll Equipment section in the Dreamworld. These items can have set effects, and their quality ranges from Legendary, Gold, Purple, and Blue. These items can be forged further by using older equipment as materials in order to make them stronger.

    By knowing all of this information combined, you’ll have an idea on how Dolls can work in Revived Witch. You can check our Tier List as well to see if there’s any Dolls you might be interested in mind when recruiting to your team. After all, you’ll want to devote your resources to characters you’ll be using often.

    This concludes our Doll Guide for Revived Witch. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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