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In Revived Witch, you journey through the game’s campaign mode in order to learn more about the game’s story as well as its different characters. As the Witch, you summon a variety of Dolls in order for you to add them to your team. You can only use up to 6 Dolls in a team, and they’re even divided into deployed dolls and backup dolls. You might be wondering if there are other uses for the Dolls that you have summoned so far.

Once you have completed Chapter 2-4, you’ll be able to unlock the Witch Courtyard. This menu lets you check a place that provides you with a variety of features that can help you out in your progression, and your Dolls are able to help here to. In this page, we’ll be checking the Magic Tree, and learn about its primary functions and benefits.

What is the Magic Tree?

Once you have unlocked the Witch Courtyard in Revived Witch, you’ll be introduced to the Magic Tree as the first facility you’ll focus on. The Witch Courtyard provides you with a variety of facilities that you can unlock through the Magic Tree, and this is the place where you’ll upgrade them as well.

The level of the Magic Tree will help determine the maximum level of upgrades you can get for the other features, so you’ll want to upgrade them as soon as you can. Some of the materials that you’ll need might be required from the game’s story as well, so it would be best for you to complete until Chapter 3-18 in order to max out some upgrades.

Witch Courtyard Magic Tree
Witch Courtyard Magic Tree

Think of the Magic Tree as the control system of the Witch’s Courtyard. You’ll need to consume lights and other materials in order to upgrade it. Once you have done so, you’ll be able to make use of all the available facilities and bonuses.

Facilities that you can Unlock

In order to get all facilities, you’ll want to reach the end of Chapter 3 in the game’s campaign mode. Once you have done that, you can upgrade your Magic Tree to level 2 and be able to unlock all facilities that are available. Here’s the list of unlockables for the Witch Courtyard:

CottageSettle your Dolls in order to recover their Energy. Energy is needed for dispatching.
Mirror of the OtherworldLets you dispatch your Dolls to the Mirror of the Otherworld in order to get resources.
Firefly LampstandLets you have fireflies to collect different kinds of fluorescence. White Light and Blue light are needed resources in the Witch Courtyard.
Alchemy LabLets you dispatch your Dolls in order to help with Alchemy in order to get new items.
Fluorescence VillaLets you train your Dolls in order for them to enhance their power.
Music BoxLets you view the variety of music available in Revived Witch and listen to it.

Facility you should focus on upgrading first

Once you have completed the end of Chapter 3, it would be best for you to level up your Magic Tree as well as upgrade Mirror of the Otherworld to level 4. The reason for this is that you’ll want to unlock Hard Quests that you can dispatch your Dolls to.

Max out the Mirror of the Otherworld upgrade to get Hard drops
Max out the Mirror of the Otherworld upgrade to get Hard drops

The Hard Quests there can drop Soul, as well as Silver which provides a high number of Equipment EXP. Once you have maxed out this facility, you’ll also have a total of four slots for quests. This will help you with acquiring Soul which can be useful for summoning more Dolls.

We’ll have other dedicated pages for the facilities in the Witch Courtyard so please don’t forget to check our guide menu. As you reach near the latest part of the story, you’ll want to have your Witch Courtyard upgraded as much as you can.

This concludes our Magic Tree page for the Witch Courtyard in Revived Witch. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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