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In Revived Witch, you’ll get to play through the main story by playing the game’s adventure mode. Here, you’ll be playing the story of the Witch who has awoken with lost memories, so you will want to know more about your past. In doing so, you’ll get to meet various characters along the way, and the different locations in the game. You’ll get to fight various monsters, as well as collect a lot of items.

If you want to learn more about the game’s lore and story, then knowing more about the various characters, items, and monsters will help you dig deeper into the realm of Revived Witch. The Archive is a feature that you’ll find in the Hall of Origin which will provide you with this information, let us check what it has to offer.

What is the Archive?

When checking the Hall of Origin, one of the buttons that you’ll be able to check is the Archive. This section lets you view the profiles of the various characters you’ll find in the game, and learn more about their relationships and where they come from.

In order for you to fully experience the Archive features however, you will have to unlock all of its contents by playing the game’s story, as well as acquiring the various Dolls that can be summoned. The Archive will show you profiles of characters that you have met, items you have acquired, as well as enemies that you have encountered. In a way, this section in the game can be a collection tracker as well, which provides you with information as a reward.

Relation Diagram

When opening the Archive, you’ll be provided with the Relation Diagram on the Character tab. Here, you’ll find the Witch character as well as the other characters that relate to her story. You’ll find that there are various locations with icons surrounding her, and this resembles the various locations in the game as well as factions.

Checking each of these icons will let you see if a Doll that you have acquired will appear on their corresponding locations. In order to know more about the lore of each location in the game, then you will want to know the characters that reside them, as well as their relationships.

Learn more about the relationships of various characters in the story
Learn more about the relationships of various characters in the story

NPCs will have simple profiles that you can view, however, you will have to work hard to complete the profiles of your Dolls. When checking a Doll, you’ll find their basic information only, you can only find out more about their story if you increase your bond with them. This is done by adding them to your party and completing battles, as well as providing them with gifts.

Character Overview

Tapping on the Overview button will provide you with an interface regarding the characters you’ll find in the game. The first tab you’ll see will show you the Dolls that you have collected so far. Any Doll that you haven’t acquired will be locked, therefore you can’t view their art and profile.

Check your collection through the Doll Overview
Check your collection through the Doll Overview

When checking the Other tab, you’ll get to find the Sprite gallery of the characters that appear on the story. This includes characters that can be recruited as well, but their profiles in the Other tab give you a brief summary of their relationship to the story of the game. You can use the Overview section as your Doll checklist, you’ll also be able to see if you missed out on any NPCs in the game’s various chapters.

Learn more about story characters in the
Learn more about story characters in the "Other" overview tab

Equipment Archive

The Equipment archive lets you see a list of all equipment you have acquired so far. There’s a list you can scroll on the left side which will show all available items, however majority of them are locked if you haven’t acquired them yet. This can be considered as a checklist as well if you have obtained all types of equipment that’s available.

Check equipment stats as well as the ones you have unlocked
Check equipment stats as well as the ones you have unlocked

When checking an equipment’s information, you’ll find their description, stats, possible enchantments, as well as set bonuses. If you’re a completionist, then completing your archive will be one of your goals since there’s a lot of information that you can uncover from collecting these items.

Monster Archive

Finally, the Monster archive lets you view all of the enemies you have fought so far. Similar to the equipment archive, you’ll find a list of monsters that you have encountered as well as those that you haven’t yet which are locked here.

Check the Monster's profile if you have already encountered it
Check the Monster's profile if you have already encountered it

Checking a monster’s profile will let you learn more about their story, their location, stats, traits, as well as skills. It’s a nice way to view the sprite art as well if you want to view them outside of battle. With a lot of monsters available, you’ll want to uncover them all and complete your archive.

There are a lot of way for you to challenge yourself in the game, so getting to complete your Archive can be a long-term goal if you want. If you enjoy challenges, then getting to complete the Dolls, Equipment, and Monsters is one sure way to keep you entertained.

This concludes our Archive page for Revived Witch. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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