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Revived Witch is an adventure RPG that lets you play with a witch who has a huge adventure ahead of her. As you progress in the game, you’ll be provided with a variety of features such as character skills, different game modes, character roles, and more. Starting out on a new game can be overwhelming if you’re provided with a lot of information.

Welcome to our Beginner’s Guide, Part 1! Here, we’ll be giving you some tips when starting out on your adventure in Revived Witch. There are different activities you’ll be doing as you go forward with the game’s story, and there are parts where you need to complete in order to unlock new features. Let’s see what’s in store ahead of us.

Play through the game’s tutorial and learn the basic features

When playing Revived Witch for the first time, you’ll be finding yourself in a world that combines 2D Pixel Art as well as 3D environments. There will be instances where you’ll have to move your character in order to start exploring, so follow the main tutorial that will be provided to you at the beginning.

You’ll learn how battles work at the start by the acquisition of Order energy. This will enable you to use skills during combat by tapping on their respective icons. Different characters that you’ll be acquiring in the future will have their own skills, and some will have various roles. Play through the tutorial until you reach the tower, and there you’ll learn about using Chaos energy as well. After completing this area, you’ll be able to acquire your first dolls to be added in your party.

Exploration is a huge part of the gameplay alongside battles
Exploration is a huge part of the gameplay alongside battles

You’ll learn that the game will combine exploration as well as battles. Movement will let you explore different areas in your current location, and you can interact with objects if your character is near them. Make sure to check areas often since you will want to look for Chests that can provide you with items. You can check the chest indicator on the mini map to learn if you have collected all chests or not.

Summon a Doll and decide if you want to Reroll

Once you have completed the first part of the game, you’ll be directed to the main screen and gain access to the summon interface. When starting out, you’ll have the 1st Limited Summon which will let you perform a Ten-time summon up to 100 times. Once you are happy with the dolls you have summoned, you can tap confirm to lock the summoning result.

When your first 10 units, you can view the list you have if you want to keep them or not. Since you have a lot of summon chances for your first time, you can tap “Summon Again” in order to get the Dolls that you’d like. When using your first time summon, you will want to get as much UR Characters and SSR.

You can acquire UR and SSR in your first summons
You can acquire UR and SSR in your first summons

There can be instances where you won’t get these, so use your 100 summon counts to your advantage for the first time. Good URs and SSRs that are available are Afallen, Tuonel, and Ushpia. You can even have a chance to get a UR and SSR combined. If you aren’t happy with the results, you can reroll your account instead.

Get the 5 Shards for the first part of the story

Once you have the characters of your choice, continue your adventure in order to unlock more features. You’ll be able to find more treasure along the way, but you’ll also gain access to the fast forward as well as auto features which will make your gameplay easier when starting out.

As part of the story, you’ll return to the Hall of Origin and you should have four Shards of the Irminsul Mirror. The Noble Lady will hand you the last shard and then you’ll play through a sequence of a Flashback. Once all of this is over, you’ll be able to unlock the Daily Login Rewards, Commission Board, as well as your Mailbox.

Claim your Mailbox
Claim your Mailbox

Claim your mailbox rewards and you should be able to get Cynetia as one of your free healers. You’ll also get some Soul Cryolites which will let you summon more Dolls so claim those before you continue your adventure.

Enhance your 3 main Dolls and unlock their skills

In order to progress through the game’s story, you’ll want to focus on 3 main characters. They’ll be the ones you’ll dedicate your resources into since they will help clear the story for you. When beginning, you can enhance each of your characters so you’ll easily clear the upcoming stages.

Focus on 3 main characters and enhance them
Focus on 3 main characters and enhance them

You can top on the Doll button from the main screen and choose which ones will be focused on. Enhance their level up to 20 which is the current cap for your magic level when starting out. Magic level will refer to your account level, and this should be raised in order to increase the enhance cap of your Dolls. If you have new dolls to use, make sure to unlock their skills using Shimmering Light as well.

Claim your Chest Exploration Rewards and continue with the Story

Once you return to the Adventure mode, you’ll notice that there are red exclamation marks on the previous stages you have completed. This will only appear if you have claimed all of the available chests on those stages which refers to your chest exploration.

Check the stages you have completed for Chest Exploration rewards
Check the stages you have completed for Chest Exploration rewards

If you have completed them, you’ll be able to get valuable rewards for every stage. Therefore, you’ll want to explore as much as you can from the story stages that you’ll be completing in order to max out your resources. From here on out, you will want to focus on clearing the story stages onward.

You’ll be unlocking more chapters as the game progresses, and eventually new story chapters will be added as the game develops. Starting out in this game with the basics will help you establish your routine soon enough. Continue the story in order to unlock more features as well!

This concludes our first part for our Beginner’s Guide in Revived Witch. We hope that the initial tips have helped you as you start out in this game. We’ll be providing you with more tips in Part 2 of this guide in order for you to learn more about the game, and so that you can establish your own routine.

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