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In Revived Witch, you have a lot of characters that you’ll able to recruit called as Dolls with varying rarities. Some of these characters are obtained from the game’s story, but you will also want to have some good characters that have the best rating.

Revived Witch features a guest account system, you can link your account later once you have the characters that you want. You might wonder how to reroll your Soul Land: Advent of the Gods account on Android and iOS, so this guide will help teach you how to do it. We’ll also provide you with a tier list of characters you will that you’d want when rerolling your account.

What is Rerolling?

For those who are unfamiliar with gacha type games, or perhaps are new to this genre, then you might wonder what rerolling is. When creating an account, you’ll be wanting to get the best of characters as possible when beginning the game. This way, you will be able to check which characters you can get first before continuing the game’s story. The characters that you can get have varying rarities, and you’ll want to get high rated ones in order to help you out.

There will be cases unfortunately where you won’t get high rated units, so you will want to “reroll” your account and start over. In Revived Witch, there is a system implemented that lets you summon your first 10 units up to 100 times, and you’ll get to choose which ones you will keep. In order to reroll your account, you’ll have to follow some steps as well as skipping some cutscenes. Within no time, you should be able to get the characters that you want.

Steps to Reroll your Account

Rerolling your account in Revived Witch might take some time, the units that you’ll be able to Summon will be provided to you for a chance to pull your first 10 units up to 100 times, this way you can save which set of characters you want. If you don’t want to reroll, then you can play the game right away.

The game has a high amount of data to download, so make sure to do this over wifi. Clearing your data doesn’t seem to work when resetting your guest account. You can follow the steps below in order to begin the rerolling process.

Play with a Guest Account and play the Tutorial

Once the game is open, you will be on the log in screen page. Tap on the “Switch Account” button on the upper-left side of the screen and choose to play with the guest account, this will let you check some user agreements first, then enter the game.

Start with a guest account and play the beginning until you unlock summoning
Start with a guest account and play the beginning until you unlock summoning

The game will start with you controlling the witch, and finding yourself on a tower. The first part of the game can take some time, so continue playing until you unlock the Hall of Origin which will be your main screen.

Start your first summons

Part of the tutorial in Revived Witch is for you to summon your first set of units. You can recruit 10 characters from summoning, but you will have the option to save which characters you get. You can recruit up to 100 times, so you will want to save a team that at least has one UR and one SSR at the same pull.

You have 100 chances to summon, but you can only save once you tap on Confirm
You have 100 chances to summon, but you can only save once you tap on Confirm

Once you are satisfied with your pull, you can tap on the Confirm button. If you want to continue, then keep on recruiting until your count runs out.

Reroll if you want to start over

If your first 100 pulls are not satisfactory, then you will want to reroll your account. Once you have access to the main screen menu, you will want to tap on your profile icon on the upper left side of the screen.

Tap on your profile icon and then choose the User Center button
Tap on your profile icon and then choose the User Center button

Tap on the User Center button, this will provide you with the account binding screen. However, you will use the “Clear Account Data” button instead. You will then be sent back to the game’s login screen and you will have to restart the process all over.

Tap on Clear Account Data and then start over
Tap on Clear Account Data and then start over

Reroll Tier List

Here’s a list of reroll tiers that you might want to add to your team:


We hope that this information helps you when rerolling your account in Revived Witch. Being able to play and then secure your account progress is important if you want to continue with the characters that you have, and getting to know how to get the high rated characters will be helpful.

We’ll be having other guides available as well for this game, so please don’t forget to check our guide menu. Should you have any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can also check our Answers Page in case you want to ask, or view different questions about the game!

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