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Progressing through the game content in Revived Witch will let you learn about the different modes that you’ll be expecting in the game. With all of these modes, you’ll want to establish your own routine when playing so that you will be able to play efficiently.

Welcome to our Part 2 of our Beginner’s Guide. Here, we’ll be providing you with added information that you can check about the game, as well as the variety of activities you can follow. Progressing will require you to make your characters stronger, so knowing how to get resources is a must. Let us check the different things you’ll be expecting.

Claim your Daily Rewards and Packs

When logging into Revived Witch each day, especially if you’re a new player, you can claim Daily Rewards in order to help you with your progression. For example, you can claim items from the 7-Day Login event, or you can simply check the Gifts button on your main screen.

Check your Daily Login rewards as well as the Daily packs from the shop
Check your Daily Login rewards as well as the Daily packs from the shop

Claiming daily rewards isn’t limited to the login events, but you’ll be able to get items from the shop as well which contain packs. Check each tab on the shop and look for the exclamation mark with a red border in order to look for deals, you should be able to get free items that will help with your adventure.

Check your Commission Board

The Commission Board is a button you’ll find on your main screen that will contain various features. Here, you’ll find the Commission tab which you can clear tasks in order to get rewards, then you can claim other items for your accomplishments.

Check your Commission Board often to see tasks as well as claim rewards
Check your Commission Board often to see tasks as well as claim rewards

The Achievements tab and Storyline tab will reward you with your milestones in the game, then the Pray tab will provide you with rewards regarding your daily activity, think of it as a checklist in order for you to know what to do each day. Getting all of the rewards from this section will definitely help you save up on items in order to make your Dolls stronger.

Use your Mini-map often

When playing through the different chapters in the game, you’ll be exploring dungeons and locations and unlock chests in order to get rewards. One way to help with exploration is by tapping on the mini-map that can see on the upper right side of the screen.

Tap on the Mini-map and check details of your current area
Tap on the Mini-map and check details of your current area

Here, you’ll find information about your current location such as how much chests there are, which items can be activated as switches, as well as possible enemies. Unlocking more chapters will let you explore bigger areas; therefore, you’ll want to check the mini-map often to help you with moving forward.

Start working on Ascension

When starting out with your Dolls in Revived Witch, you’ll be able to level them up to 30 which is enough for the starting chapters of the game. However, you will reach that cap soon enough, and you will want to make your Doll stronger and unlock a new level cap. Once a doll reaches their max level, they’ll need to be ascended in order for them to get stronger. You’ll start by letting your dolls to transform to Ascension 1, and then Ascension 2, and so on.

Unlock new level caps and increased stats through Ascension
Unlock new level caps and increased stats through Ascension

In order to clear the content later in the game, you’ll want Ascension 3 characters and above. You’ll be unlocking the Dreamworld section of the game which will let you farm materials for your characters. Once the Ascend section is unlocked, you will be able to preview which ascension materials are needed, tapping on each of them will let you know where you can acquire those items.

Aim to reach Chapter 3-18 in the story

Progressing through the game will let you use different characters; however, you will want to focus on 3 main units first. You can focus on one tank, one healer, and one DPS and then try your best to complete up to 3-18. This will use up a lot of stamina, therefore you will want to refresh your stamina usage. Play stages until you reach a point where you cannot progress further.

Complete Chapter 3-19 to unlock Tree Upgrades
Complete Chapter 3-19 to unlock Tree Upgrades

Completing stage 3-18 lets you unlock your tree upgrades; you will also be able to max out expeditions in the Witches’ courtyard. Completing expeditions lets you acquire 180 souls on hard, and 100 on normal. You will want to be collecting souls as soon as you an since you will want to ascend your main units. Once you have the materials, upgrade your main 3 characters to Ascension 3 and then you’ll be able to clear out stages faster. Making your main characters stronger will be better use of resources than spreading them out through different ones.

We hope that these tips for starting will help you in your direction on how to play Revived Witch. There will be a lot of features that you’ll be exploring in the game, so please check our guide often since we will make dedicated pages on what you can expect.

This concludes part 2 of our Beginner’s Guide. We hope this has helped you learn about the basics in Revived Witch. If you have any other questions about the game, feel free to check our Answers Page to see if there is any useful information you can find. Feel free to leave us a comment as well, we’d love to hear from you!

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