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There are a variety of items that you’ll be able to get in Revived Witch, and some of these are items that you need in order to summon new Dolls, or make them stronger. If you plan on investing your time in the game, then you’ll want to check the Shop to see what offers there are available for you.

In this page, we’ll check the different tabs you’ll find at the Shop as well as the items you’ll be able to get. There will be instances where you’ll want to purchase something, so knowing the items you can find will be helpful.

What is the Shop?

The Shop, as the name implies, is the place where you’ll be able to purchase various items with different kinds of currencies. The main premium currency that you’ll find in Revived Witch are Diamonds, and this is purchased with real money. There are other currencies as well in the shop that are related to the other features of the game such as friendship points, etc. However, Diamonds are the main ones that are very valuable.

The Shop interface provides you with a variety of tabs that you can browse. Each tab provides you with items of similar groupings that can help with your gameplay, or perhaps provide you with items that you might fancy such as costumes. Let us check the different tabs you can find below.

Hot Deals

Whenever you open up the Shop, you’ll be provided with the Hot Deals tab. Here, you’ll find a variety of items that can be found from the other tabs of the shop, as well as the other features such as Gifts. You can browse the various hot deals on the left-hand side to see the items.

Daily Pack: One of the main features of the Hot Deals are the Daily Packs you can acquire. There’s a Daily Pack each day for free which provides you with Soul, while there’s another Daily Pack which can be purchased with Diamonds at a discounted rate. This item provides you with Soul as well as Stamina Flasks which can help replenish your Stamina.

Don't forget to claim your free Daily Pack every server reset
Don't forget to claim your free Daily Pack every server reset

The free Daily Pack contains 60 pieces of Soul, so make sure to claim this each time the server resets. You should be able to find free items at the shop whenever there’s a red exclamation mark on the shop icon while you’re at the Hall of Origin.

Top Up

The Top Up tab lets you purchase the main valuable currency here, as well as the currency you need for summoning. The Diamond Tab provides you with various deals for Diamonds at various prices, where more Diamonds are provided for the higher prices.

Monthly Card: One of the main items that you might like to check if you plan to purchase is the Monthly Card. When getting this, you’ll be able to get 30 Diamonds instantly, then you’ll have daily rewards when logging in for 30 days and obtain Soul and Stamina Flasks.

View bundles for Diamonds and Souls
View bundles for Diamonds and Souls

The Soul tab on the other hand, lets you purchase Soul in exchange for Diamonds. Extra Soul is provided if you purchase the packs from 300 Souls and above, this is the one you’ll purchase if you plan to summon on specific banners of your choice.


Packs provide you with a variety of Limited-Time Packs, as well as Monthly Packs. There can be instances where you’ll be able to get free items from the Limited-Time Packs so make sure to look out for the red exclamation mark. The packs that you can purchase here are bundles that can help with summoning, as well as the Doll’s progression since materials for getting stronger are included.

Check Ltd-Time Packs since free items can appear here
Check Ltd-Time Packs since free items can appear here

The Monthly pack as the name implies, provides you with a variety of bundled items that can only be purchased once each month. One of the items you should look out for here is the Monthly Summon Pack which provides 1 Large Soul Cryolite, this lets you summon 10 times and it provides you with a cheaper cost than purchasing 2,000 Soul directly.

Doll Costume

In Revived Witch, you can customize the looks of your Doll based on their Ascension progress. Usually, you’ll be able to get a new look for your Doll if they have reached Ascension 4, but there is also another way for you to give them an aesthetic change.

Costumes provides aesthetic changes for your Dolls
Costumes provides aesthetic changes for your Dolls

The Doll Costume tab lets you use Diamonds in order to purchase costumes for specific Dolls. Not all Dolls have costumes, so you will have to check this part of the shop to see which characters have them available. Once purchased, you can tap on the hanger icon when viewing a Doll to change their look. Not only can you change their character art, but the pixel art gets updated as well.


The Supplies tab features various items that can be purchased with their respective currencies. There are a variety of features in the game that can provide you with currencies specific for their supply shop, so Diamonds aren’t needed here. You can obtain their respective currencies as follows:

Supplies ShopHow to obtain Currency
White PetalGetting duplicate R and SR Dolls that can max out their evolution, Decomposing R and SR Soul Stones
Golden PetalGetting duplicate SSR and UR Dolls that can max out their evolution, Decomposing SSR and UR Soul Stones
Friendship PointReceiving Friendship Points from your friend list
FurnitureThe Broken Lands
Guild ShopGuild Donation Rewards
Use various currencies for the Supplies Shop
Use various currencies for the Supplies Shop

You can check each tab and you’ll find item that can help with you with your progression in the game, as well as for the use in other places such as the Witch Courtyard.


Finally, the Trials Tab lets you purchase equipment for your Dolls as well as materials for enhancing your Doll’s skills. The currency that’s used in the Trials Tab is called the Stone of Promise, and this can be obtained from the Doll Equipment section in the Dreamworld area.

High rarity equipment can help boost your Doll's stats
High rarity equipment can help boost your Doll's stats

Equipment is important for Dolls especially as you reach end-game, the best equipment you can find are Legendary and Gold rarity. Purchasing from the Trials shop can help you in acquiring these items in order to boost your Doll’s stats.

The Shop can be updated in the future as well in order to provide new deals and added tabs. If you plan to purchase Diamonds, make sure to be responsible with how you manage your spending as well since you wouldn’t want to go overboard with purchases.

This concludes our Shop page for Revived Witch. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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