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Playing the campaign mode in Revived Witch can only take you so far until you complete the chapters that are available. Until then, you’ll have to wait until the next update in order for you to continue using your team. You might be wondering; is there any other mode you can play in order to test the strength of your Dolls?

The Dimensional Trials is a feature that lets you play through various types of stages in order for you to test your team out. In this page, we’ll be checking the different trials that are available, as well as the rewards that you can acquire.

What are the Dimensional Trials?

The Dimensional Trials is unlocked once you have completed Main Story 2-13. However, you will have to complete other stages as well in order for you to experience each feature available here. The Dimensional Trials lets you play content outside of the game’s story which will let you use your team and test their power. Completing these trials will provide you with their own corresponding rewards.

Test your team's strength through the Dimensional Trials
Test your team's strength through the Dimensional Trials

There are three features so far that you can find in the Dimensional Trials, and you can unlock them by completing the story. Here’s the list of trials that are available as well as their unlock requirements:

TrialUnlock Requirement
Chronospace BreachClear Main Story 3-5
Evil ReturnClear Main Story 3-15
The Broken LandsClear Main Story 3-18

Since they are features that you’ll be encountering once you reach Chapter 3, you can consider these as activities once you have completed the campaign so far. You can check the details of the various trials below.

Chronospace Breach

The first trial that you can participate in is the Chronospace Breach. This feature is accessible once you have completed 3-5 in the game’s story. In this trial, you get to fight versus other players in the game and it’s basically Revived Witch’s version of PVP.

Each day after reset time, you’re provided with 5 pieces of Chronospace Keys. Each key is used for every battle that you do. You’ll choose a faction first before starting, and then you’re provided with a list of enemies you can fight with various difficulties ranging from Beginner, Advanced, and Master.

Challenge other players in the game and fight their team in the Chronospace Breach
Challenge other players in the game and fight their team in the Chronospace Breach

Your main goal for this mode is to defeat all challenges that you can. Winning matches will provide you with Chronospace Essence which can be used to get more keys each day, and it’s also the currency used at the Breach Shop.

Tapping on the Reward button when viewing the opponent list will let you view a reward system that can give you a variety of materials, and even Dolls. If you want to level up the reward system as fast as you can, then you’ll need to challenge higher difficulties for the Chronospace Breach.

Evil Return

The Evil Return is a trial that you’ll unlock upon completing main story 3-15 in the game. In this feature, you’re able to challenge all of the bosses that you have fought throughout the Paralleled Chronospace. The bosses that you get to fight start from Easy, and the difficulty goes up as you choose the next boss.

Challenge Bosses with increasing difficulty in Evil Return
Challenge Bosses with increasing difficulty in Evil Return

Each Boss has 6 rewards sets that you can claim, represented as Diamonds. Therefore, you’ll have to challenge the Bosses up to 6 times each in order to claim all the available items. When challenging the bosses here, take note that fights do not start on Auto. Each reward you claim will also unlock the next difficulty as follows:

Reward SetDifficulty
Reward Set 1Easy
Reward Set 2Normal
Reward Set 3Hard
Reward Set 4Punishing
Reward Set 5Nightmare
Reward Set 6Nightmare 3

The rewards here can only be claimed once. After that, you can replay the boss fights if you want to challenge other players in the ranking list in order to check your best record for the fastest fight you can finish.

The Broken Lands

The final trial that you can unlock is the Broken Lands, you can get this feature upon clearing 3-18 in the game’s story. When going through the Broken Lands, you’ll have to dispatch dolls to four areas in order to dispel the enemies. Once all of them are cleared, you’ll be able to get rewards.

Clear four areas in order to get generous rewards in The Broken Lands
Clear four areas in order to get generous rewards in The Broken Lands

When you start cleaning, you’ll want to use your weakest team first that’s appropriate to the level of the area, and then use your stronger teams as you go to the next. Since there are four areas you need to clear, you’ll need a total of four teams of Dolls (12 Dolls total). The fights here are challenging, therefore you can aim to clear all floors once you have a lot of strong dolls.

The Broken Lands gets reset every Monday at 4 AM UTC-7, therefore you’ll want to clear this section weekly. You can get good rewards here such as Soul, Mana, and Furniture Coin that will help you with your progress.

This concludes our Dimensional Trials page in Revived Witch. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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