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Progressing through the story in Revived Witch will let you explore different areas as well as battle enemies. As such, you will need companions called Dolls in order to help you out in your journey. Aside from playing the Witch, you can also acquire other Dolls through the game’s summon feature.

In this page, we’ll be checking how the Summon system works, as well as the other features that this system follows. Being able to acquire good Dolls is one of the ways that can help you out in your progression. Let’s check what the Summon system can provide.

How does Summoning Work?

Similar to other types of gacha games, summoning in Revived Witch lets you choose various banners and exchange specific currencies in order to pull for the Dolls. Upon choosing a banner, you have the option to choose to do 1 Summon, or 10 Summons.

Use various currencies to summon Dolls
Use various currencies to summon Dolls

When playing the game for the first time, your first 10 pulls are free, and you are provided with up to 100 chances for pulling before you can confirm which team you will want to save. After that, you’ll need to use the various currencies that are available. Summoning in Revived Witch uses the following currencies:

How to Obtain
Crystallized by magic, it is necessary for any Witch who intends to sing a Soul Contract. Used to summon new Dolls.
Soul Shop, The Broken Lands, Commission Board, First-time Chapter Rewards, Chest Exploration Rewards
Soul Cryloite
Crystallized by Soul Droplets. Used to sign the Soul Contract for summoning. For One-time Summon once.
Events, Commission Board
Large Soul Cryolite
Crystallized by massive Soul Droplets. Used to sign multiple Soul Contracts for summoning. For Ten-time Summons once.
Events, Commission Board, World Exploration Rewards

Note: You can convert 10 pieces of Soul Cryolites and convert them to a Large Soul Cryolite using the Redeem button on the right side of the Summon interface.

Summon Pool Types

In Revived Witch, there are various banners you’ll be able to pull from, also known as Pool types. Each pool has a specific function, but they follow similar pull rates depending on the rarity of the Dolls. There are four types of Pools you can find in Revived Witch as follows:

Pool Type
Soul Summon
Permanent Pool with no Rate-Up Dolls
Awakening Summon
Opens when there is no event. Has Rate-Up Dolls
Dreamland Summon
Opens during events. Has Rate-Up Dolls
Recollection Summon
Permanent Pool with Unique Equipment, where Rate-Up Unique Equipment changes weekly.

Summon UR Guarantee System

In each summon pool, a Guarantee system is added that will provide you a UR character after you have a total of 80 summons for that pool. Once you have completed this, the summon requirement will be back to 80 and you will have another chance to get a guaranteed UR after completing the requirements.

Summon pity carries over only to same pool types
Summon pity carries over only to same pool types

Will Summon Pity carry over to the next pool?: If you’re waiting for another Summon Pool for a different Rate-Up character, you might wonder if you’ll be able to carry over the summon count for the Guarantee system. Your Summon Pity will carry over only to the Summon Pool of the same type. For example, you can carry over Awakening Summon pity to the next Awakening Summon pity pool only. You cannot carry over an Awakening Summon pity to the Dreamland Summon pool since that will follow a different guarantee system.

Hopefully this Summon Guide has helped you out. You can check our Revived Witch Tier List as well if you want to see which Dolls are good for their corresponding classes. We have provided various characters there as well as their skill summaries so you’ll know more about their gameplay.

This concludes our Summon page for Revived Witch. We hope this information has helped you out, we’ll have more pages regarding the game so please check our guide menu. If you have any other questions, feel free to check our Answers Page. You can also leave us a comment down below, we’d love to hear from you!

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