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Recommended Custom Mech to Purchase with Crystals

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Recommended Custom Mech to Purchase with Crystals

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Final Gear is a mech-based strategy gacha RPG boasting a large roster of collectible female pilots and customizable mechs. Pilots aside, players also have to upgrade and maintain Mechs that pilots use in combat. While some custom mech parts can be farmed or redeemed from a special shop, players are given a once-per-player chance of purchasing a full mech set (weapon + parts) using Crystals - which can be earned by playing the game. In this page, we will discuss this particular shop item and why you should get it to make your life a bit easier.

The Pilot Instruction: Novice is a limited-time pack that you can find by going to Shop > Gift Packs tab. This item can only be purchased for 2500 (normal) crystals; after that it can be purchased again for 2000 PAID crystals. You can only purchase the pack once per account with normal and with paid crystals.
Recommended Custom Mech to Purchase with Crystals

The pack contains a complete custom mech set from the predetermined options as listed below:
Custom Mech
Battle Sphere
Steel Fortress
Beatdown Brawler
Dark Star
Nematode Outsider

Take note that the pack only contains the custom mech and its weapon; the pilot is NOT included! Other pilots can still use the custom mech that’s not their own; the bonus stats for having the assembled set will still be active. The only downside is that you can’t get the Custom Mech Suit Activation bonus effect and transformation that you’ll otherwise get and obtain if the custom mech is piloted by its owner.
Recommended Custom Mech to Purchase with Crystals

Here are some considerations to help you decide which suit to get:
* Messiola Parts can be farmed in Viorate’s Instances and is probably one of the most accessible custom mech for an SSR character. You can also purchase its parts from the Recruitment Redeem shop.
* Snowy is a top-tier Demolisher with great offense and support skills. Giving her her custom mech will amplify these skills even further. The bonus effects include boosting crit chance for the entire team with her Skill 1, boosting a random stat for the whole team (increased value), higher crit chance boost, and allowing a teammate with the highest ATK to ignore the enemies’ defense for 15 seconds.
* Sumora is a high-tier Defender that will have access to surprisingly solid bonus effects if she’s piloting her custom mech. Some effects include an “immortality” passive (absorbs damage and converts it to HP), debuffing enemies damage and crit chance, reduces damage and taking aggro, and improved damage resistance and movement speed boost with her Skill 1.
* Kobayashi is a decent striker and probably the most amusing custom mech in the game - herself. Her custom mech activation effects are somewhat selfish; it removes the team-wide crit chance buff of her Skill 1 in exchange for higher damage, while the bonus effects on her passives just improves her damage output even further. This can be ideal early game but as you approach the end-game, damage output alone is not going to be sufficient.
* Favia is a very capable striker that specializes in inflicting Bleed status to enemies while also having greater damage against enemies with shields (with Skill 4). With the CMAS active, her skill 1 will inflict the Wounded status instead of Bleed (dealing higher damage), higher chance of refreshing the Wounded status with Skill 2, boosts damage to Wounded enemies with Skill 3 (up to 30%), and allowing her Skill 4 to ignore enemy shields completely.
* Nia is the only SSR sniper in the game so far. Her CMAS bonus effects on her skills are pretty underwhelming and lacks utility for the team so I really don’t recommend getting her custom mech.

Additional notes about pilot availability:
* Every pilot in the list (except Favia) can be recruited via Royal Invitation.
* You can get Snowy, Viorate, and Kobayashi via Standard Recruitment
* You can get Favia as a reward for logging in for 7 days.

To sum it up, here are our top three choices for this pack:
1. I personally recommend getting Snowy’s Battle Sphere since it increases her damage output encompassing almost the entire battlefield - perfect for thinning down enemy numbers or softening them up.
2. Sumora’s Steel Fortress is another option, making her an even more viable Defender with higher survivability.
3. Kobayashi strictly because fighting enemy mechs barehanded has some amusing novelty in it. Thankfully, she’s a hard hitter (albeit replaceable) hard hitter too, if that’s your thing.
Recommended Custom Mech to Purchase with Crystals

Viorate’s Messiola should be one of the best choices but since you can farm and redeem for its parts using other methods, it doesn’t seem practical to waste your once-per-account chance that you should use to obtain certain custom mechs instead.

That concludes our guide for the Recommended Custom Mech to Purchase with Crystals in Final Gear. For more Final Gear content, please check out the other pages we have in our guide. You can also check out our other dedicated articles and pages for other popular mobile games.

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