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Which Pilots to Pull in Royal Invitation

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Which Pilots to Pull in Royal Invitation

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Final Gear is a mech-based strategy gacha RPG boasting a large roster of collectible pilots and customizable mechs. Each pilot in the game has their own personality and set of skills. Aside from their combat capabilities, players can choose from the roster of all-female pilots of Final Gear as their favorite. In our Royal Invitation Selection guide, we will provide the details to help you decide which character to pull in Royal Invitations.

The Royal Invitation is an item that will allow you to select a SSR pilot of your choice from the predetermined set of pilots. This gives you the freedom to choose the ones that can help you build your ideal team early on or to supplement your team with pilots that you don’t have yet. If ever you have recruited all the available pilots from the Royal Invitation, inviting them again will award you with a Sequence. Royal Invitations have no expiration so you can keep them in your inventory and use them once you need them.

You’ll get one quite early in the game by progressing through the tutorial and completing the first set of tasks. You’ll get additional Royal Invitation tickets by completing certain tasks or exchanging them from events. This ticket will allow you to choose a SSR pilot from the available pool of pilots listed below:
* Elizabeth
* Danngo Kobayashi
* Snowy
* Viorate
* Sumora
* Nia
Royal Invitation Selection
Royal Invitation Selection

To help you decide, consider the following facts about these choices:
* Elizabeth, Danngo, Snowy, and Viorate have the chance to be pulled from Normal Recruitment since they also have a boosted drop probability depending on the region you’re pulling from.
* Nia is the only SSR sniper in the game, with above-average skills and damage output.
* Nia and Sumora will not drop from Normal Recruitment
* Viorate has the chance to be instantly recruited from her Bounty Missions in Hexel Region
* Viorate is a high-tier ranged attacker that can deal tremendous damage with her Skill 1 and can inflict Decay, a special status ailment that makes enemies lose HP over time. (Custom Mech required for this effect)
* Elizabeth is a top-tier backline support/bomber that buffs teammates and debuffs enemies.
* Snowy is a high-tier ranged attacker that also provides random buffs to your allies while also boasting incredibly high damage output that covers almost the entire screen.
* Danngo is a decent damage-dealer but will be very replaceable since she can’t provide other utility aside from dealing damage.
* Sumora is a high-tier tank with incredible survivability but can also be replaced since she’ll require her custom mech to shine as a top-tier tank.
Which Pilots to Pull in Royal Invitation

Your decision should be primarily based on your own preference. It’s easier to select a character that you like based on their appearance; otherwise, you’ll want to select a pilot based on their apparent usefulness or strength to your team.

That concludes our guide for Royal Invitation Selection in Final Gear. For more Final Gear content, please check out the other pages we have in our guide. You can also check out our other dedicated articles and pages for other popular mobile games.

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