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Daily Missions Guide

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Final Gear is a mech-based strategy gacha RPG boasting a large roster of collectible female pilots and customizable mechs. Pilots aside, players also have to upgrade and maintain Mechs that pilots use in combat. Aside from the normal and even combat missions, Final Gear also has a regular rotational set of daily missions that players can tackle to obtain exclusive items and resources. In this guide, we will provide the basics of these various daily missions and why you should always clear them if you can.

Some of the daily missions can only be accessed after a player reaches a certain level. Take note that these missions can be incredibly hard, even in the Easy difficulty.

Conflict Zone

This is the first daily mission that you’ll gain access to. This cooperative mode allows players to attempt to defeat a very powerful boss alone or with the help of other players. There are 6 difficulties and players will obtain Proof of Valor, Live Combat Data, Standard Referrals, Standard Bits, and Gold based on the amount of damage they dealt to the boss and if they’re able to land the finishing blow. Players have two free attempts daily. Further challenge attempts will use up tickets.
Daily Missions Guide

There are three types of bosses you’ll face in this mode which will appear in a fixed schedule every two days. On Sundays, all three bosses are available and players can select which boss they would like to challenge.
Kobayashi’s Vacation
Mon, Tue, Sun
Solar’s Challenge
Wed, Thu, Sun
Terror of the Order
Fri, Sat, Sun

Since these bosses are incredibly hard, don’t worry if you’re not able to defeat them. You can also ask other players to assist you to finish off the boss. Even if no other players were able to defeat the boss in the battle you’ve initiated, you’ll still receive a corresponding reward based on your performance. Players can also assist other players by spending BP. BP is automatically replenished over time and you can only carry up to 10. Don’t hesitate to send your chosen team to help other players since you’ll still receive ample rewards just by participating.
Daily Missions Guide
Daily Missions Guide

Finally, Conflict Zone has its own shop where you can buy Evolution materials using Live Combat Data. As the name suggests, Evolution materials are required to evolve a unit’s (from R to SR or SR to SSR). In the Proof of Valor Shop, you can exchange the PoVs you have collected for the elusive chip blueprints and other valuable items.
Daily Missions Guide

Combat Training

This mode is where you can reliably farm Schemas, consumable items that are needed to enhance a pilot’s Talent. These are divided into three schedules as well, with each schedule featuring one of the three schema types. The quality of the schemas you’ll get will depend on the difficulty (Depth) of the exercise.
Daily Missions Guide

Each exercise has five floors, with the last floor having a boss that you have to defeat. There are classes that will be prohibited for the current exercise. You can freely select your lineup, with the prohibited classes omitted from the list. The team members HP and energy gauge will be retained as you go through with the floors. You can proceed deeper in a single run as long as you have a reliable selection of units.

Supply Prep

This is the last daily mission you’ll unlock since the required player level to access this content is quite high. This is the only place where you can reliably farm (Augmentation) Breakthrough items. These breakthrough items are required for removing the level cap of modified parts. Similar to the other daily missions, Supply Prep stages also rotate in a predetermined weekly schedule.
Daily Missions Guide

Breakthrough Item
Sat, Sun

The bosses you’ll face in tackling Supply Prep missions are really powerful. However, unlike the Conflict Zone bosses, Supply Preps are solo missions so if your team gets wiped out, the mission will fail and you won’t get any reward. Other players can’t help you either so you’ll need to build your team properly so they can defeat even the easiest versions of the bosses.

Always participate in these daily missions since your limited attempts/chances will be refreshed daily as part of the game’s scheduled daily reset (6PM GMT+8)

That concludes our Parts Modification Guide for Final Gear. For more Final Gear content, please check out the other pages we have in our guide. You can also check out our other dedicated articles and pages for other popular mobile games.

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