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Pilot Class Guide

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Final Gear is a mech-based strategy gacha RPG boasting a large roster of collectible pilots and customizable mechs. Each pilot in the game has their own personality and set of skills. Aside from their combat capabilities, players can choose from the roster of all-female pilots of Final Gear as their favorite. In our Pilot Class Guide, we will provide the details about the different classes in the game and decide which team composition you should go with.

Classes and Formations play a great role in combat. If you’re having problems clearing a mission or defeating a boss, consider using one of the recommended formations in the game. Generally, having at least one frontline unit is a must - especially in high level missions.

What are the different classes?

These are different classes or roles that your pilots specialize in. This also determines the type of mech parts and weapons that they can equip and use. There are six different classes in the game: Striker, Defender, Demolisher, Shooter, Bomber, and Sniper. These classes are unique to the pilots and can’t be changed.

Role Description
Strikers are your frontline attacker units, capable of dishing out damage up close. Striker mechs can equip medium or heavy parts that offer a nice balance of offense and survivability.
These are your tanks; units that protect their allies by taking in the aggro of enemy units or providing protection using barriers and shields. Their priority is survivability so Defenders will normally equip heavy parts that have excellent defense and HP pool.
These mid-range units are artillery specialists, capable of carrying slow-firing but powerful weapons to deal AoE damage at the right distance - not too far and not too close within enemy melee range. Their ultimate skill will have a wider range, even capable of targeting all enemies in the area.
Shooters are mid-range units that specialize in rapid-firing weapons. While they lack the crowd-control capability of Demolishers, they make up for it with outstanding damage output. Their ultimate attacks are usually fired in one direction but will shred all enemies caught in the crossfire to pieces.
Bombers are long-range units that specialize in powerful but slow-firing weapons. These weapons will have AoE damage upon impact, making them ideal for crowd control as well. Bombers will shine in formations with reliable frontline units like strikers or defenders to keep them safe.
True to their name, snipers can fire slow but powerful shots in a straight line that can pierce through multiple targets. Similar to bombers, their true potential is realized if they are protected by frontline units.

Class Categories

These classes are further divided into three categories: Short Range, Mid-Range, and Long Range.
Pilot Class Guide
Short Range Classes
As the name suggests, these are pilots who prefer melee combat and will always be in the frontline. Strikers and Defenders are short-range units.
Mid Range Classes
These are ranged units that help provide support and deal damage at the right distance away from enemy melee units but close enough to provide covering fire at range. Shooters and Demolishers are mid-range units.
Long Range Classes
These are powerful, backline units capable of bombarding enemies at a great distance, damaging multiple enemies at once. While possessing great range and damage potential, they’re not that tough, making them susceptible against long-range enemy units or backline attacks. Bombers and Snipers are long-range units.

Team Formation

You can deploy up to two teams per mission, with each team consisting of 4 members. The classes of the members in the team will determine their formation. Ideally, you can use the auto-formation to automatically place your key units in their suggested position on the field. Formations can be modified in the Hangar. Usually, you can choose Max Strength so that the game automatically places your units in a proper position in a formation, even if the team you’re building doesn’t meet the ideal composition (refer to the screenshot below).
Pilot Class Guide

That concludes our guide for Pilot Class Guide in Final Gear. For more Final Gear content, please check out the other pages we have in our guide. You can also check out our other dedicated articles and pages for other popular mobile games.

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