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Final Gear is a mech-based strategy gacha RPG boasting a large roster of collectible pilots and customizable mechs. Each pilot in the game has their own personality and set of skills. However, this doesn’t make all pilots equal. Some can be incredibly powerful due to their skills and specialty while others excel in different fields other than combat. In our Final Gear Recruitment Guide, we will discuss the Recruitment (gacha) mechanics of the game and how to take advantage of this feature.

Final Gear’s recruitment allows you to get new pilots to join your mercenary team to bolster your forces. While all pilots that you gain access to will be combat-ready, some top-tier pilots are desirable because of their exceptional combat prowess. Combat aside, pilots also have traits and skills that will be very useful in running the various facilities in your mobile home base/ fortress. (Felix) Having a lot of pilots at your disposal will allow you to swap them out when they get tired in maintaining your base’s facilities, keeping the downtime to a minimum.

Special Recruitment

This is where you can use premium currency (crystals) in an attempt to get limited/special pilots that you can’t get from normal recruitment. Special Recruitment will only become available during a certain period; once it is over, the featured pilot will not be available anymore (unless there’s a rerun of the pilot’s banner). There can be several limited pilot banners available at any given time. The SSR and SR characters featured in the Special Recruitment will have an increased chance of appearance though it will still be possible to obtain standard pilots from the normal recruitment.
Recruitment Guide

Special Recruitment will also have a 9-step reward system where players can earn special rewards includings Bits that you can use to purchase parts of the pilot’s Custom Mech from the Recruitment Redeem Shop (see below), Sequences (used to increase specific pilot’s star level or talents), Royal Invitation, Skill Upgrade Items, and many more. The more you draw, the higher the chances of getting the featured characters greatly increases. In this example, you’re even guaranteed to get the featured SSR pilot in Step 8 (80 draws).
Recruitment Guide

Recruitment Redeem Shop

This shop has tabs where you can purchase custom mech parts and sequences of the featured pilots. Once the pilots’ special recruitment banner is over, the tabs will become empty and any bits you’ve earned from the successive pulls you’ve made on that banner will be rendered useless. You’ll need a total of 200 bits to purchase the complete set of a featured character’s custom mech. If you have at least 50 bits, consider getting their unique weapons first.

The redeem shop also has a permanent tab called Parts Exchange where you can use Appointed Development Parts (obtained from completing daily requests and monthly check-ins) to purchase Custom Gear parts for some pilots.
Recruitment Guide

Normal Recruitment

Normal Recruitment will only require you to use 1 Standard Referrals (License) and 1000 gold per pilot. Standard Referrals can be obtained from clearing Daily Requests. You can also use 120 crystals to get a License. If you’re playing daily and regularly, you won’t run out of standard referrals so I strongly suggest keeping the crystals and using them somewhere else.
Recruitment Guide

To perform a normal recruitment, you’ll need to select a Region. Recruitment regions seem to have the same roster; however, each region will have a featured SSR pilot which will have an increased pull rate. (+0.04%) To view the list of available pilots and the probability of getting them, you can tap the question mark icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. Additionally, you’re also guaranteed to get a random SR pilot for every 20 recruitment attempts.
Recruitment Guide

After using the referral and gold, the recruitment countdown will commence. Once the countdown is over, the recruited pilot will make an appearance. You can also instantly bypass the countdown by using special items called Marvel Accelerators. You can get them from daily requests or purchase them with 80 crystals. Like before, I strongly recommend saving your crystals for other stuff (like pulling in special banners) You’ll start off with two recruitment slots; you can purchase more slots by using crystals as well.
Recruitment Guide

Recruit regularly to increase your roster and to get Sequences. These material items are obtained for getting copies of the pilots you already have. They can be used to increase the pilot’s star level and talents. As mentioned above, once you have unlocked the Base (Felix) functionality, you’ll need a lot of different pilots to help keep the facilities running, giving you more resources that you can use for permanent buffs and improvements.

That concludes our Recruitment Guide for Final Gear. For more Final Gear content, please check out the other pages we have in our guide. You can also check out our other dedicated articles and pages for other popular mobile games.

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