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Parts Upgrade and Modification Guide

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Parts Upgrade and Modification Guide

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Final Gear is a mech-based strategy gacha RPG boasting a large roster of collectible female pilots and customizable mechs. Pilots aside, players also have to upgrade and maintain Mechs that pilots use in combat. Upgrading individual parts is basically required to get the most out of the part’s stats and potential. In this guide, we will discuss how to upgrade and modify your mechs’ parts.

Upgrading Parts

In Final Gear, upgrading individual parts of your mechs is basically required to get the most out of the part’s stats and potential. There are five mech components that can be upgraded: weapon, armor, frame, mount, and chip. Chips are akin to accessories; you can equip two chips on a mech at a time. For each upgrade level, the part will gain a corresponding stat increase. These stat increases are very important since fully upgraded parts significantly increases the pilot’s combat power and to the overall team’s strength.

The part’s maximum level will depend on its rank (the value on the upper-left corner of the part’s icon). So far, the highest rank of parts in the game is Rk 60. The part’s rank will be indicated with a “+” sign. For example a level 60 part will have a +60 on the upper-right corner of its icon.
Parts Upgrade and Modification Guide

To upgrade a part, you just need to pay the required amount of gold. The amount of gold required will get higher as you level up the equipment. Upgrades are permanent; the only way to retrieve the gold spent for upgrading is by dismantling the equipment itself - and that will only return a portion of the gold.

Early in the game, it’s okay to max out the best possible gear you have; as you gain access to higher-ranked gears, you can just dismantle the outdated parts to get back a portion of the gold spent, that you can use in turn to upgrade your new gears.

Part Modification

Part Modification is the process of further adding permanent stat bonuses to a part by using unwanted parts and weapons as fodder. This is an end-game feature since it will only be unlocked by reaching player LV60 and will help to further improve your weapons and gears, since the current level cap for the player and equipment is LV60.

To modify a part, do the following steps:
1. From the Lobby, tap Hangar
2. Tap Part Modification
3. Select the part that you want to modify (only fully-leveled up parts can be modified)
4. Tap the Augments portion to the right
Parts Upgrade and Modification Guide

5. Tap the Brace Up button on the lower-right.
Parts Upgrade and Modification Guide

6. In the next window, select the parts and weapons that you want to use as fodder. (You can select parts in different categories, too) The quality of the selected gears will determine how much EXP points will be added to the gauge until it is maxed out. The selected gears will also be destroyed in the process. Tap Brace Up to spend the required amount of gold and to complete the process.
Parts Upgrade and Modification Guide

Augment Breakthrough

You can get up to 5 new stat bonuses using this method. After maxing out the current Augment Enhancement Stage, you’ll need to “limit break” the gear so you can reach the next Augment Stage to be able to use a new batch of fodder to improve the gear’s stats. In the example below, the weapon has maxed out its Stage 1 enhancement. To be able to move to Stage 2, you’ll need two types of materials: Augment (chips) and blueprint. In the example below, the part will need 216 weapon augments and 1 blueprint. You can farm Weapon Augments from Supply Prep battles while blueprints can be purchased using crystals via the Item Shop or earned as reward from various activities in the game.
Parts Upgrade and Modification Guide
Parts Upgrade and Modification Guide

Since reaching LV60 for each part is very expensive and enhancing/modifying parts also costs gold, consider prioritizing to level up and modify custom mech weapons and parts that already belong to a set and can be activated. This way, you’ll be able to increase your team strength and allow you to farm for augmentation materials in the very challenging Supply Prep battles.

That concludes our Parts Modification Guide for Final Gear. For more Final Gear content, please check out the other pages we have in our guide. You can also check out our other dedicated articles and pages for other popular mobile games.

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