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Pilot Talent Guide

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Final Gear is a mech-based strategy gacha RPG boasting a large roster of collectible female pilots and customizable mechs. A mech’s strength is not measured by its base stats and rarity alone; the strength of the one piloting it significantly matters as well. Aside from ranking up, leveling up, and improving their skills, pilots have another method of gaining additional stats. In our Pilot Talent Guide, we will discuss how Talents work and how to improve them further.

What are Talents

Talents provide permanent stat bonuses to the pilot. There are a total of 10 talent tiers/levels, each with 10 nodes. Each node has a corresponding stat that can be added to the pilot’s current stats after unlocking that node and starting at Talent LV2, adding an entirely new stat. You’ll be able to see the preview of the total stats the pilot will gain when she’s fully upgraded (all 100 nodes unlocked) by tapping Ability Details and ticking the Max Level Preview checkbox in the lower-right corner of the pop-up screen.
Pilot Talent Guide

How to access talents

You can access the talents menu by doing the following:
1. From the main screen, access Pilots.
2. Select the pilot you want to view the talents of.
3. Under the Details tab, tap the Talents button on the lower-right corner of the screen.
Pilot Talent Guide

How to Level Up Talents

Leveling up talents will not cost any gold but will require specific consumables called Schemas. There are three types so far:
Nodes Unlocked
Attack Schema
Attack, Crit
Defense Schema
Defense, Health, Evasion,
Damage Resistance to Elites

On top of schemas, there are also certain nodes that will consume Sequences of that character. Since these are equally rare to get (for SR and SSR pilots at least), it’s always a good idea to use these sequences to rank up a character first before using them in leveling up the pilot’s talents. If this is the case, avoid using the Auto-Unlock function since it will automatically use all available schemas and sequences to unlock all the nodes.
Pilot Talent Guide

After unlocking all 10 nodes in a Talent Level, you’ll be able to move on to the next level. Simply repeat the process as long as you have enough schemas and sequences to move on to the next level and so on. Unlocking a node is a permanent process and there’s no way to retrieve the used consumables. That said, it’s strongly recommended to level up the talents of your favorite pilots or the pilots you’re heavily using.
Pilot Talent Guide

Where to get Schemas

Schemas are primarily obtained from Combat Training (Daily) Missions. Outside that, you can get some from special events (such as the Summertime Memories event) and (Free) Battle Pass reward. Always participate in such events and daily Combat Training to get your consistent supply of schemas.
Pilot Talent Guide
Pilot Talent Guide

That concludes our Pilot Skills Guide for pilots in Final Gear. For more Final Gear content, please check out the other pages we have in our guide. You can also check out our other dedicated articles and pages for other popular mobile games.

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