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Daily Tasks Guide

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Final Gear is a mech-based strategy gacha RPG boasting a large roster of collectible female pilots and customizable mechs. Mobile games have a set of daily, weekly, or even monthly tasks that players can complete to obtain rewards. Final Gear has a similar system which awards players consistently and regularly playing the game. Thankfully, this is not that tedious and can be achieved with relatively low effort. In this page, we will discuss some of the daily tasks that you should do in Final Gear’s Request to earn the most rewards and resources possible daily.

Mobile games are not designed to be played in prolonged hours, that’s why you’ll usually find tasks that get refreshed daily, weekly, and monthly. Final Gear has a similar system where players can simply log in, do a set of tasks, then log out to get a consistent supply of rewards that they can use to play the game with full attention when their time allows it. While the game doesn’t have a Stamina or Energy system that serves as a limiter that prevents players from playing too much, Final Gear only has a limited set of tasks that you can do daily. Unfortunately, this limitation can either bore hardcore players or serve as a blessing for casual ones.

The tasks we’ll list here are based on LV60 mercenary teams (player level) and might include some features that are locked behind certain player levels. Nevertheless, the majority of the activities we’ll list should be accessible even to newbies. We will not include story missions and area-unlocking missions since these will depend on your progress/ player level as well.

Daily Bounty
| This is your standard combat farming mode where you can clear a map of your choice to earn standard rewards on top of . You’re only given 20 bounty attempts per day and you can use 10 attempts in a single run (rewards are multiplied by the number of attempts selected) to save time. These attempts are refreshed during the game’s scheduled daily reset.

You can purchase additional Bounty Missions (5 missions per 20 crystals, up to 20 times a day). You’ll also have +20 Bounty Missions if you have purchased the Military Supply Support Contract (9 USD)
Daily Tasks Guide

Daily Mission
There are three daily missions that will reward you with System Upgrade materials, necessary for upgrading your pilots’ skills. The mission types and the location where they’ll take place will be random. The mission level will also correspond with your mercenary/ player level. Like the daily bounty, daily missions are refreshed daily as part of the game’s scheduled daily reset.
Daily Tasks Guide

These are special missions that have the chance to drop the featured pilot’s custom mech parts. The rank of these parts will depend on the selected instance’s difficulty/level. New instances will become available as you unlock new regions so keep unlocking new areas on the map by leveling up your mercenary level as well.

To challenge an instance, you’ll need to use Memories. You can get up to 5 memories a day (which will be refreshed during the game’s scheduled daily reset) and you can use up to 5 memories in a single run to get x5 the rewards (to save time). It’s recommended to multiply the memories to be used only at the highest difficulty that you can successfully clear.
Daily Tasks Guide

Urgent Missions
Urgent Missions are timed missions that will appear randomly after completing some maps/runs. You can only complete one urgent mission a day. If the timer runs out, an urgent mission will still respawn until you complete it.

Daily Activities
There are no PvP modes in the game so there’s no Arena or Coliseum functions for now. There are three other activities that you can participate in daily, which will also provide valuable materials and rewards.
* Supply Prep: This daily mission allows you to farm for Breakthrough materialis, requires for Modifying parts, chips, and weapons.
* Conflict Zone: This allows you to fight very powerful bosses for rewards like Proof of Valor, Standard Referrals, Standard Bits, Accelerators, and Live Combat Data. Among the three daily modes, the Conflict Zone has its own shop where you can trade your Proof of Valor and Live Combat Data for chip blueprints, ultimate supply crate. Meteorite chip, Evolution items, etc.
* Combat Training: This mode allows you to clear several stages and levels to farm for Schemas (used for upgrading the pilot’s talents) with some class restrictions.
Daily Tasks Guide
Daily Tasks Guide

Daily Requests
Final Gear’s expedition system is called Requests. This is a feature where you can answer requests from an in-game Forum and send pilots to resolve said requests. These expeditions will take time, with the longest/slowest Requests taking around 5 hours but yield the best rewards. You’ll get rewarded with EXP, Gold, and resources whenever a unit returns from a Request. You can deploy up to 4 teams at a time. The members of each team will depend on the request’s restrictions and requirements. Dispatched pilots can’t be used in combat or assigned to Felix (home base) rooms.
Tap the Left arrow on the home screen to see the status of your Requests
Tap the Left arrow on the home screen to see the status of your Requests

Felix Maintenance
Felix is your mobile home base where you can assign pilots to the rooms to produce various items that you can use to further upgrade Felix’s facilities and give you the necessary materials for purchasing permanent Tech upgrades. Tech upgrades will provide a huge variety of improvements like faster expeditions, higher EXP gain, decreased gold cost for upgrading, and many more.
Daily Tasks Guide

Limited Events and Personal Stories
Depending on whichever event is available by the time you’re playing, it’s also a good idea to check out the daily tasks and rewards related to any ongoing events. The rewards for these events usually can only be acquired during the event period.
Daily Tasks Guide

That concludes our Daily Tasks Guide in Final Gear. For more Final Gear content, please check out the other pages we have in our guide. You can also check out our other dedicated articles and pages for other popular mobile games.

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