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How to Farm for Crystals

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How to Farm for Crystals

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Final Gear is a mech-based strategy gacha RPG boasting a large roster of collectible pilots and customizable mechs. Resource management is a staple in most games, particularly the ones that require leveling up and improving your units. Thankfully, Final Gear is not littered with a mind-boggling amount of resources to manage and to keep track of. In our Final Gear Crystal Farming Guide, we will discuss how to get the valuable Crystals from free sources in the game.

Crystals are the game’s premium currency which can be used in unlocking additional slots, instantly completing certain upgrade processes, exchanging for certain goods, and of course, drawing for pilots in the Special Recruitment banner. Crystals are a valuable resource and the supply can be very limited, especially for F2P (free-to-play) players. In our Final Gear Crystal Farming Guide, we will discuss how to get the valuable Crystals from free sources in the game. If ever you want to spend a bit of money on the game, we will also recommend the best item(s) to buy from the shop.

Complete Requests

Completing 6 Daily Requests will give you a SSR Chest that contains a crate with crystals. So far, this is the only farmable/ repeatable task that will give you a consistent source of crystals. You can get up to 150 crystals a day. Unfortunately, if you’re F2P, this is going to be your only reliable and renewable source of crystals.
How to Farm for Crystals

Redeem Codes

Developers sometimes provide promo and redemption codes that can be used in-game to get some freebies like crystals. Please check out our Redeem Codes page for Final Gear.
How to Farm for Crystals

Collect from Trophies

After completing certain tasks or reaching milestones, you will obtain trophies. These trophies have a corresponding amount of crystals that you can collect. There’s a lot of trophies that you’ll unlock immediately early but this will dwindle down as you progress further in the game.
How to Farm for Crystals

Reach Fondness LV 5

You can get 200 crystals by reaching Fondness LV5 with a pilot, regardless of their rarity. This is a good source of crystals early on, especially if you have been stocking up on a lot of gifts. However, this is a one-time reward so after reaching this fondness level, your supply will be determined by the finite number of pilots you can recruit.
How to Farm for Crystals

Collect from Blacark Rewards

Similar to trophies, completing blacark asks will eventually lead to miniscule amount of crystals. However, unlike trophies, you can only collect crystals after increasing the Blacark level.
How to Farm for Crystals
=== Complete Story Missions and Incidents===Clearing Story Missions and Incidents will award you crystals. Sadly, these crystals are only given for clearing the mission the first time around and will not be a reliable source of crystals in the long run.
How to Farm for Crystals

Purchasing Crystals

If you’re an F2P, sorry but this section is not for you. If you’re a low and reasonable spender, read on. The first item we will recommend getting is the Trade Pass. This is the game’s “Battle Pass” where you can collect rewards over the course of several days. Final Gear’s Trade Pass has two versions: MSSC and CSSC, both lasting for 30 days (refer to the screenshot below) . MSSC costs $9 and will give you 700 Paid Crystals outright. This pass also allows you to collect 80 crystals daily (total of 2400 crystals for 30 days), and +20 daily Bounty Mission rounds. The cheaper version CSSC costs $5 and will give you 350 paid crystals outright and 50 crystals daily (1500 crystals for 30 days). If you’re playing the game regularly and if you want to make the most out of the Trade Pass, getting the MSSC is recommended for more crystals and bounty missions.
How to Farm for Crystals

You can also purchase Crystals directly but the exchange rate is significantly expensive. There’s a double amount bonus for first-time purchases but I don’t recommend going through this route unless you’re pretty desperate (and wealthy).
How to Farm for Crystals

There you have it! That’s why we’re really strongly suggesting to save your crystals for Special Recruitment since that’s the only way to pull for pilots in that banner.
That concludes our Crystal Farming Guide for Final Gear. For more Final Gear content, please check out the other pages we have in our guide. You can also check out our other dedicated articles and pages for other popular mobile games.

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