Castle Defense

General Tips

General Tips
Castle Defense Guide


1. Aside from tower levels and damage, make sure to upgrade your Mana capacity and Mana Recovery rate. Spells play a great role turning the tide of battle or giving you a breather, especially in the later stages. Having the ability to cast multiple spells in a single battle can mean victory or defeat.

General Tips

2. Upgrade Firerain first then Freeze second. Don’t bother upgrading your warriors and the skills related to them when you’re starting since it will take several upgrades and thousands of crystals before they become potent stalling machines. At lower levels, your warriors can’t do anything except to stall some minor enemies. They’ll die in one or two hits even with considerable upgrades so better use your valuable crystals in upgrading more useful spells like Firerain, Freeze or better yet, tower upgrades.

3. Don’t spend crystals recovering your mana in the middle of battle. If something goes wrong and you have to restart, you won’t be able to get the crystals you spent back.

4. Don’t spend crystals on Props. These are consumable items. Like using crystals to recover your mana, spending crystals on props is kind of wasteful since you can’t get your crystals and the Props back in case you have to restart the map.

5. Don’t place Labs close together. Position them with enough distance from each other so they can have full coverage along the path and slow down any enemy within their range.

6. Don’t leave cannons alone. They have the tendency to miss because of their slow rate of fire. Since towers will always attack the first enemy it detects, fast enemies like boars can easily outrun cannons. Placing cannons near Labs is a good way to slow down its target and allow it to hit it.

General Tips

7. Forts will be your main damage dealers. Consider prioritizing upgrading their damage and leveling them up to unlock their more powerful forms. Lasers and Prime Forts are formidable defenses when placed near choke points or narrow strips where they can maximize their range.

8. You don’t need too many cannons in a single map. Their splash damage isn’t that great until you fully upgrade them and turn them into a Super Cannon or Missile Launcher. Not to mention that their upgrade cost is really expensive. You can one or two along corners, chokepoints or where the enemies will appear but remember to gradually upgrade them AFTER you upgrade your other towers.

9. If you can manage to call in the next wave in advance, make sure to use at least one spell first since calling advance waves as soon as the icon appears can recover a huge chunk of your mana and give you a good amount of resources.

10. And regarding next waves, don’t get too excited to call in the next wave just to recover your mana and for you to use to take care of the current wave. Chances are, the tradeoff of calling that advance wave won’t be worth it and you’ll become overwhelmed even more.

11. Make sure to repair any helpful structures in the map. That include lumber mills that accumulate resources over time after repairing them and powerful sentry towers that can help protect the exit leading to your base.

General Tips

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