Castle Defense

1: Farm

1: Farm
Castle Defense Guide

Farm 1-1
Enemies: Orc Slave, Boars
Waves: 4
This is a tutorial stage so don’t expect any special strategies necessary. Your base is located in the rightmost side of the map while the enemies will be coming in from the left. You can only deploy bunkers and summon your warriors here so place them on all available spaces.

1: Farm

Farm 1-2
Enemies: Orc Slave, Boars, Goblins
Waves: 5
This map introduces players to Labs and the Freeze skill. This is yet another tutorial stage so you can just put your towers wherever you want. Beware of the Goblins since they can vanish for a few seconds and will probably appear outside a tower’s range. Just erect the towers along the whole path to prevent anyone from escaping.

1: Farm

Farm 1-3
Enemies: Orc Slave, Boars, Goblins, Orc Warrior
Waves: 6
Forts and Firerain spell are introduced here. The new enemy, Orc Warrior has high HP but moves slow. Place your bunkers, labs and forts alternately for best results.

1: Farm

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