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Tower Types

Tower Types
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Towers are the main staple of the game. They’re your arsenal and what stands between you and the invading monster army. There are only four types of towers you can deploy in the game. However, after upgrading them enough, you can change them into one of the two new available tower types. You can also spend crystals to permanently increase their damage.

Tower Types

This is the basic tower you can deploy. It’s cheap, shoots arrows fast and effective against flying units. It can also attack ground targets. Later on, you’ll be able to either upgrade it to a Bunker of Vipers or Bunker of Gunners. Bunkers are cheap and you should be able to upgrade it quickly. They're quite effective in picking off smaller targets so your larger, more powerful towers can concentrate on taking out larger enemies. With these properties in mind, your main defensive line shouldn't be comprised of mostly bunkers, except during the early tutorial stages.

  • Bunker of Vipers: Shoots poison arrows at enemies
  • Bunker of Gunners: Long range, rapid-fire, critical shots

Tower Types

These towers lob poison balls that slowly drain enemies HP and slows them down considerably. They can attack both air and land targets. Their ability to slow down and deal DoT (damage over time) is quite helpful, especially on larger enemies and bosses. On later maps, consider building the two types of Labs, especially on the third stage of the map where bosses normally appear.

  • Prime Lab: These labs can attack 2-4 enemies per shot.
  • Avenger’s Lab: In addition to a normal lab’s effects, these can also corrode enemies’ armor over time, making them very effective against bosses.

Tower Types

These shoot destructive orbs that deal high damage on both air and land targets. They have considerable intervals between each shot so relying on them alone won’t be a good idea. Forts are powerful towers and will make up most of your defenses. Prime Forts is a really great investment as it allows your Forts to hit multiple targets at once. The Fort's devastating Laser upgrade further increases the tower's range and deals high, concentrated damage on a target with medium intervals.

  • Prime Fort: Able to attack 2-4 targets per shot.
  • Laser: Unleashes a searing beam of light. Quite effective against bosses and land units.

Tower Types

These can deal splash damage to all enemies hit by cannon balls. Even if they can only target land units, flying units caught within range of the explosion will also suffer collateral damage. They take a considerable time to fire and reload so using them in tandem of other towers, especially Labs will make them more effective.

  • Super Cannon: The cannon now fires fire bomb projectiles.
  • Missile Launcher: This tower fires long-range tracking missiles. It has the largest range in the game, deals the most damage and has a rapid reload time. It can only fire one missile at a time and will spend some time tracking its target before hitting it. The missile explosion itself deals splash damage to nearby enemies as well.

Tower Types


  • Tower Level: Upgradeable up to LV5. You then need to unlock the last level in hard mode.
  • Tower Attack: Increases the attack of all bunkers/lab/forts and cannons
  • Architecture Research: Reduces building and upgrading cost of all towers. Requires LV20 Tower attack upgrades.

Tower Types

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