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Castle Defense Guide

These are the abilities you can use that can change the tide of battle or get you out of tight situations. You should spend some crystals on them as they can stand a fine line between victory or defeat. Active skills like deploying your warriors, Freeze or Firerain requires mana to use. Mana is replenished over time and can be replenished instantly if you opted to call in an advance enemy wave during battle. Consider increasing your mana and mana recovery rate whenever you can. You'll really need your spells to get you out of tough situations.


  • Max Mana: Increases your maximum mana
  • Mana Recovery: Increases your mana recovery rate.
  • Crystal Magic: Exchange more mana for your crystals in battle.
  • Fire Magic: Increases damage and range of Firerain.
  • Solid Ice: Increases the duration of Freeze
  • Burning: Makes Firerain burn the ground, causing more damage over a longer time.

  • Max Life: Increases your max life.
  • Hyper-Endurance: Increases the time your warriors can fight for you.
  • Crystal Recycle: Allows retrieving some crystal from failed warrior upgrades
  • Forging Research: Increases the chance of success when upgrading all equipment.

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