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Tower Strategies

Tower Strategies
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Tower Strategies

Each map has specific locations where you can place your towers. Enemies will follow a fixed path. Later maps will have two entry points but will merge to a single path leading to your base. You should consider placing towers on locations that can cover as much area as possible. It is also a good idea to mix different types of towers, depending on the enemy waves you’re expecting.

Don’t place Labs close together. Position them with enough distance from each other so they can have full coverage along the path and slow down any enemy within their range. This will also allow nearby offensive towers to finish them off. Upgrading Labs is also necessary since it will allow them to slow down multiple enemies (Prime Lab upgrade) or whittle down enemy armor (Avengers Lab) which are very useful against sturdy enemies and bosses.

Tower Strategies

Forts will be your main damage dealers. Consider prioritizing upgrading their damage and leveling them up to unlock their more powerful forms. Lasers and Prime Forts are formidable defenses when placed near choke points or narrow strips where they can maximize their range.

Don’t leave cannons alone. They have the tendency to miss because of their slow rate of fire. Since towers will always attack the first enemy it detects, fast enemies like boars can easily outrun cannons. Placing cannons near Labs is a good way to slow down its target and allow it to hit it. You don’t need too many cannons in a single map either. Their splash damage isn’t that great until you fully upgrade them and turn them into a Super Cannon or Missile Launcher. Not to mention that their upgrade cost is really expensive. Cannons can only target ground units. However, they can still deal splash damage to any airborne enemies moving close by their targets. You can one or two along corners, chokepoints or where the enemies will appear but remember to gradually upgrade them AFTER you upgrade your other towers.

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