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Castle TD (Tower Defense)

Castle TD (Tower Defense)
Castle TD is a tower defense type game which utilizes several key gameplay elements that makes it addictive and fun. You can also play the game offline, making it one of the essential titles for mobile gamers. Like other games in the same genre, your main objective is to prevent enemy forces from reaching your “base”. You can do this by deploying defensive towers which can be upgraded to deal greater damage and increase their range. You’ll also be able to deploy warriors to block enemy advance and use spells to help decimate or stall enemy forces.

The game also offers in-game purchases but it is very possible to enjoy the game without spending any real money. The game is free to download and almost all of its features don’t require internet connectivity. There are very minimum number of ads and they are conveniently placed in the lower left of the screen – just enough to avoid annoying players.

The game will pit you against several enemy types, both from the air and the ground. From the measly foot soldier to sturdier, more dangerous boss-type enemies, players will have to keep up by constantly upgrading their towers, warriors, mana capacity and their spells. Smaller enemies will only take up one life if they get past you, while you can lose more lives if bigger and more powerful enemies break through your defenses. At any point when your life is exhausted, you can spend crystals to continue where you left off; otherwise, you’ll have to restart the entire stage.

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The main currency in the game are crystals. These are awarded for completing stages. Getting a higher rank (max of three stars) at the end of each stage will give you the most amount of crystals. Crystals can be used to permanently upgrade the towers’ damage, enhance your warriors’ capabilities, increase your max mana, improve your mana recovery speed, enhance your spell’s effects and even buy consumables.

The game offers three types of warriors to choose from. The barbarian can engage ground targets and deal heavy damage, the paladin has the highest HP and can heal themselves and finally the wizard that can engage both ground and air targets while having the skill to lock them down for a few seconds. Their HP, damage and skill stats can be improved by spending crystals.

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During battle, your running resources would be Wood. Wood is necessary to build and upgrade towers. Before you start a stage, you’ll be given a set amount of wood to spend on your initial towers. As you kill enemies, you gain wood. Bigger enemies are hard to kill of course but they do drop more wood. The choice between spending your resource on upgrading existing towers or building new ones early on will depend as your need arises.

Each map has three stages. There are a fixed number of enemy waves per stage and the locations where you can place your towers will vary as well. Once all enemies in the current wave have been released, you have the option to call in the advance wave. Doing so will give you bonus wood and mana. Only do this when you’re confident about your current tower deployment to avoid getting overwhelmed.

The game’s graphics is just right for the genre. The details are smooth and cartoonish but just enough to know what’s going on at the same time. The game’s interface is neat and simple without too much clutter. The sound effects and music come hand-to-hand in providing you a great-looking and sounding game.

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Castle TD isn’t a revolutionary tower defense title but it will still offer hours of fun. Additional modes like increased difficulties, missions, arenas and challenges offer great, enduring replayability. Overall, this game has a fairly high rating and lands a similar score to our scale. If you’re into tower defense titles, this should definitely belong to your collection.

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4.2 / 5.0
review by Paul | May 6th 2014

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