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The Chief is the player character that’s present in the battlefield but functions like the team’s “king” or “queen” chess piece that needs to be protected. The Chief doesn’t directly participate in combat but thankfully, he/she will have access to skills that can change the flow of battle if used properly and at the right moment. In our Potestas (Chief Skill) Guide, we will briefly discuss how this feature works.

Path to Nowhere is a real-time strategy RPG where players use their authority and powers as the newly-appointed chief of an organization that captures and handles powerful entities called Sinners. Use their powers to form a combat-ready team of specialists specifically made for dealing with various threats to the city.

You’ll unlock this feature early in the game; but before that, the Chief is practically useless on the battlefield. Once unlocked, the chief can use the selected skill in the middle of battle though the skill activation consumes energy and can only be used for a limited number of times during a battle. The Chief can only equip one power but you can switch between unlocked powers before the battle starts.

Potestas (Chief Skill)Potestas (Chief Skill)

There are seven skills that can be unlocked and improved, as listed below. The values listed below might differ, depending on the skill levels. To level up the Chief Skills, you’ll need an item called a Rein Core. These cores can only be obtained through the main mission progression.

Power Skill Cost Description
Dark Sound 2 Deals 500 Magic Damage and 1 Core Damage to enemies in a single grid. Also increases 3.5% and 35% Magic Damage, based on the average Level and average Phase of the team.
Empower 1 Restores 9 Energy to the selected allied Sinner.
Heal 1 Restores 35% of Max HP to the selected allied Sinner.
Ignite 2 Deals 750 True Damage twice to enemies within a cross area. The second hit additionally stuns them for 5 seconds. The skill triggers trap grids within range.
Last Stand NA Until the end of the battle, all allied Sinners on the field will deal 10% bonus damage but will take 25% more damage. This effect stacks up to 5 times and will last for the entire duration of the battle.
Link NA Evenly distributes 50% of the damage taken by an allied Sinner among all team members for the next 10 seconds.
Shield NA Grants a damage-absorbing shield to all allied sinners in a 3x3 area that lasts 10 seconds. The damage absorbed is worth 10% of their HP and activates certain Hypercube-powered mechanical units within range.

That concludes our Potestas (Chief Skill) Guide in Path to Nowhere. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Path to Nowhere content!


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