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The Libram System is an archive that keeps track of all your characters’ progress like obtaining the character, reaching compliance rate thresholds, and completed interrogation phases. In our Libram System guide, we will briefly discuss this system’s features.

Path to Nowhere is a real-time strategy RPG where players use their authority and powers as the newly-appointed chief of an organization that captures and handles powerful entities called Sinners. Use their powers to form a combat-ready team of specialists specifically made for dealing with various threats to the city.

As you obtain new characters, increase their compliance, and interrogate them successfully, the system keeps itself updated automatically. You can access this screen by accessing the Bureau option from the home screen/main menu then tapping the Archives section. The first thing you’ll notice is that there are seven groups or Librams where the sinners are part of. (Librams are different from their factions; think of it as the character’s Affinity or Element). Grayed out characters are the ones that have been released in the game but you haven’t obtained yet while black silhouettes are sinners that are yet to be released.

Libram System

When your individual characters reach their individual milestones, you'll be able to earn Soul Chimes and receive hypercubes as reward. The conditions may vary from sinner to sinner, but the usual conditions or milestones are:

* Obtain the character for the first time (new entry)

* Reach XX% Compliance

* Complete Phase X of the character’s interrogation.

Libram System

Soul Chimes are the points earned by your individual sinners that will count towards their Libram’s total Soul Chime. To switch the view, tap the diamond-like shape in the lower-right corner of the screen. From there, you can see the individual Libram-member’s Soul Chime contribution. In the screenshot below, the Love libram has 1950 points.

Libram System

Don’t be confused with the “Next Phase Reward” counter in the lower-right corner of the Libram screen; milestones are counted every 500 Soul Chimes earned by the group. Tap the magnifying glass icon in the lower-right corner to see all available rewards for the Libram. You’ll get hypercubes, arrest warrants, avatar, and title.

Libram System

That concludes our Mirage System Guide in Path to Nowhere. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Path to Nowhere content!

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