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Path to Nowhere Tier List - Best Arcane (Magic DPS) Characters

Updated: Nov 28th 2022

In this Path to Nowhere tier list we will provide our personal ranking of Arcane characters which are the magical DPS in the game.

To prevent boring readers with a long wall of text, we will be dividing this tier list into three pages; two for each class. In our part 4 of the game’s tier list, we will provide our personal ranking of Arcane characters which are the magical DPS in the game.

Path to Nowhere Tier List - Best Arcane (Magic DPS) Characters
Path to Nowhere Tier List - Best Arcane (Magic DPS) Characters

Best Magical DPS (Arcane) Overview

Path to Nowhere

S: Eirene

A: Hecate, Stargazer, Victoria

B: Luvia Ray, Oliver, Kelvin, Ignis

C: Joan

More details about the S-tier and A-tier characters below.

The game’s combat system highly encourages a good combination of various characters in a team to cover each other’s weaknesses and deal with various combat situations. As such, there’s really no “jack of all trades” or best character overall. For example, an exceptional, top-tier tank might be great at defending but will lack reliable crowd-control abilities. Top-tier DPS can be glass cannons when not protected. In this tier list, we will divide the best characters in their respective roles or class.

Tier List Overview

Most of the high-tier characters in the game are SSR or SSR+ characters (highest grade), and their appearance rates in limited and permanent banners are astronomically low. If you’re an F2P (free-to-play), expect to play daily for a LONG time before you can complete your dream team - that’s even if you’re relatively lucky with your pulls. For spending players, the chances are a bit better since they’ll have more recruitment attempts though at the end of the day, all players are at the mercy of the gacha gods. One popular method of attempting to get valuable characters without spending any money is Rerolling. We will have a dedicated page for that so please check it out.

Path to Nowhere

As far as our tier list goes, you’ll notice that most top-tier characters are S-rank since they’re more powerful than the A-rank or B-rank characters by default. You have the freedom to use low-tier or low-rank Sinners early on as placeholders, at least until you’re able to recruit better units or those that you personally prefer, regardless of their Tier List ranking.

We will also only provide additional details about S-tier and A-tier characters only, with some special mentions about certain characters if necessary. As we always remind players, tier lists are not definite rules dictating how overpowered or useless a hero can be. Remember, this is your game, your experience! So if you still want to use and invest in low-tier characters, then by all means, do it! It all boils down to player preference and of course the availability of characters. Use this tier list as a guide, as it is intended to be.

Best Magical DPS (Arcane)

Path to Nowhere


Eirene is an amazing magical DPS, boasting great range and outstanding single-target and crowd-control abilities, thanks primarily to her ultimate skill that changes forms and effects depending on the targets that get hit by it. Getting her added to your team will work wonders since she can also break cores multiple times, providing high offensive capability and valuable utility.

First, let’s discuss her ultimate, Contract Destruction. This ultimate has three different effects depending on the type of enemy that’s been targeted. Improving this skill level will increase the damage multipliers of each effect.

Effect 1: Empty tile or targets without cores:

Eirene summons a Black Hole, dealing heavy magic damage (default multiplier - 700% of her attack) to all enemies within a 3x3 square and slowing them down by 50%

Effect 2: Target with at least one core intact:

Eirene creates a Space Rift in an X-shaped, 5-grid area around the target, dealing 1 core damage multiple times. (default: 250% of her attack)

Effect 3: Target with broken cores:

Eirene creates a Destructive Turbulence that deals devastating magic damage (default 900% of her attack) to all enemies on the grid

Eirene’s passive skills are amazing as well. The first passive increases the damage of Eirene’s next ultimate by 15% whenever an ally uses their ultimate. This damage bonus can be stacked twice so if two allies use their ultimate before Eirene, her next Contract Destruction will get 30% bonus damage. Upgrading this passive increases the individual damage boost up to 27% (at skill level 10). Stack these up twice and her next ultimate will get a 54% damage boost. At Phase 3, her Mania Intensify ability further gives her a passive 20% ultimate damage increase!

Her second passive depends on her position. If you place her in a cross area around the chief, she’ll provide 1 energy to the Chief (player) and 5 energy for herself every 30 seconds.

Finally, once you unlock her exclusive crimebrand in Phase 3, her ultimate damage is boosted further and adds an exclusive skill called “Ultimate Dark Chessmaster”. Once activated, the Cores of Destruction created by her ultimate will stay on the field if used on grids without enemies. If an enemy walks into those deployed Cores, their intended effect will trigger depending on the enemy type that walks in. Think of this as akin to leaving mines or explosive traps on the field. You can use the ability again to cancel the effect.

Path to Nowhere


Hecate is another free unit you’ll get by going through the main story and like EMP, she’s a solid character both as a placeholder or someone you’ll invest and keep in the late game. Her ultimate, Lightless Mirror allows her to deal magic and core damage on a single target grid of your choice. Her ultimate has a high damage multiplier, which can reach 1134% at skill level 10.

Her first passive allows her and her familiar (Nightmare) to inflict the Dream status on the enemy. This allows them to deal additional damage on the enemy that can be stacked up to 10 times. The second passive just provides a Magical Penetration bonus to all her allies. At Phase 3, Hecate will gain access to her Mania Intensify ability that increases the Core Damage dealt by her ultimate by 1.

Finally, at Phase 3 as well, Hecate will have access to her exclusive crimebrand which allows her to deploy Nightmare on the field with the following properties below. Nightmare will also stay on the field for the entirety of the battle and can only be summoned once.

* Can block two enemies

* 120/135/150% of Hecate’s HP

* 60/70/80% of her ATK

* 160/180/200% of her DEF

* 160/180/200% of her MAG Resist

The values above indicate the values for the exclusive crimebrand’s LV1/LV2/LV3 stats
Path to Nowhere


Stargazer is one of the recent limited units that offers good utility by being able to deploy two turret-like constructs called Victory Stars that can damage enemies around it and can be used to block enemy advance. She can only summon these constructs via her ultimate, which has a low energy cost. Her innate ability already increases the summoned creatures’ damage.

Her first passive gets activated if a Victory Star deals damage to the same enemy in a short span of time. The damage dealt by all Victory Stars will be increased and stacked up to five times. The second passive turns the Victory Stars into explosive traps that detonate if they get destroyed, dealing damage in a 3x3 square around them. The damage is scaled based on Stargazer’s attack value. Once she has access to her Mania Intensify ability, she can use her ultimate on an existing Victory Star (overwriting it) to trigger the 2nd passive’s explosion dealing twice the damage within the same range. However, there will be no new Victory Star deployed after using this ability.

Finally, once you unlock her exclusive crimebrand, she’ll gain access to a new ultimate called Dreamland which she can only use once per battle. Once activated, Stargazer and all her deployed Victory Stars will inflict magical damage within 3x3 squares around her and the stars. Be warned however that any action taken while this skill is active will interrupt it.

Path to Nowhere


Victoria is a powerful ranged DPS at the cost of endangering or hurting herself. Both her innate and Mania Intensify skills give her increased damage against normal enemies and extra damage against enemies with broken cores.

Her ultimate consumes 50% of her current HP to deal multi-hit damage on enemies within her target grid, up to six times. While using her ultimate, she can’t recover her energy automatically and taking any actions will interrupt the ultimate.

Her first passive directly supports her ultimate. For each hit that her ultimate inflicts, a Rose stack is applied on the target. Once an enemy gets 3 stacks, it will suffer instant damage based on Victoria’s ATK and will recover a bit of her HP as well. Her second passive increases her ATK by 1 for every 50 HP she lost during the battle. This effect increases her ATK to a maximum multiplier. Leveling up this skill will improve the maximum damage multiplier value.

Finally, once you unlock her exclusive crimebrand, she’ll gain access to a new ultimate called White Rose. After activating, Victoria will lose 2.5% of her Max HP every second for a 10% damage bonus. Her normal attacks can deal damage to a single grid and inflict Rose stacks. (Use the ability again to cancel it)


That concludes our Path to Nowhere Tier List. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Path to Nowhere content!

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