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Path to Nowhere Tier List - Best Reticle (Ranged DPS) Characters

Updated: Nov 28th 2022

In this Path to Nowhere tier list, we will provide our personal ranking of Reticle characters which are the ranged DPS in the game.

To prevent boring readers with a long wall of text, we will be dividing this tier list into three pages; two for each class. In our part 3 of the game’s tier list, we will provide our personal ranking of Reticle characters which are the ranged DPS in the game.

Path to Nowhere Tier List - Best Reticle (Ranged DPS) Characters
Path to Nowhere Tier List - Best Reticle (Ranged DPS) Characters

Best Ranged Phys DPS (Reticle) Overview

S: Langley

A: Pricilla, Roulecca, EMP, Summer

B: Flora

C: Wolverine

More details about the S-tier and A-tier characters below.

The game’s combat system highly encourages a good combination of various characters in a team to cover each other’s weaknesses and deal with various combat situations. As such, there’s really no “jack of all trades” or best character overall. For example, an exceptional, top-tier tank might be great at defending but will lack reliable crowd-control abilities. Top-tier DPS can be glass cannons when not protected. In this tier list, we will divide the best characters in their respective roles or class.

Tier List Overview

Most of the high-tier characters in the game are SSR or SSR+ characters (highest grade), and their appearance rates in limited and permanent banners are astronomically low. If you’re an F2P (free-to-play), expect to play daily for a LONG time before you can complete your dream team - that’s even if you’re relatively lucky with your pulls. For spending players, the chances are a bit better since they’ll have more recruitment attempts though at the end of the day, all players are at the mercy of the gacha gods. One popular method of attempting to get valuable characters without spending any money is Rerolling. We will have a dedicated page for that so please check it out.

As far as our tier list goes, you’ll notice that most top-tier characters are S-rank since they’re more powerful than the A-rank or B-rank characters by default. You have the freedom to use low-tier or low-rank Sinners early on as placeholders, at least until you’re able to recruit better units or those that you personally prefer, regardless of their Tier List ranking.

We will also only provide additional details about S-tier and A-tier characters only, with some special mentions about certain characters if necessary. As we always remind players, tier lists are not definite rules dictating how overpowered or useless a hero can be. Remember, this is your game, your experience! So if you still want to use and invest in low-tier characters, then by all means, do it! It all boils down to player preference and of course the availability of characters. Use this tier list as a guide, as it is intended to be.

Best Ranged Phys DPS (Reticle)


Langley is an exceptional ranged DPS capable of softening up and debuffing enemies from a distance. She starts to shine once she gains access to her first passive, Causality. Every shot she lands on an enemy inflicts it with the debuff of the same name. Whenever she inflicts damage on the same enemy with the Causality debuff, she’ll inflict bonus damage based on her ATK. This damage multiplier can be further increased by leveling up the skill. This debuff can stack up to 10 times on a single target, making Langley deadlier on bosses with high HP. Her second passive makes her debuff even deadlier, causing an enemy with the Causality debuff to inflict collateral damage to all enemies in that grid when it dies.

Her ultimate, Gunfire Edict, is a multi-hit, AoE attack that fires five shots to enemies within the range she selects. The first shot destroys 1 core as well. Leveling up this skill increases the damage multiplier she can inflict per shot. Once you have unlocked her exclusive crimebrand, her ultimate skill inflicts Causality on all enemies hit by her attack and boosts her attack speed for 10 seconds. Her mania intensify skill increases her physical penetration, improving the punch of all her attacks.


EMP is one of the free units you’ll get early on and she’s worth the investment in the long run. Same with other characters with the same class, she has exceptional range and reach. And since she’s a low-rarity character, it’s not hard to get copies of her to unlock all her Sync Rate (Shackles) stages, further increasing her effectiveness.

First, let’s talk about her ultimate, Ultra EM Arrow!. This skill has an outstanding damage multiplier, with the default damage value of 800% of her attack damage; at skill level 10, this damage multiplier can reach 1280%. The only downside is that this ultimate will automatically target the enemy with the lowest HP on a single grid, dealing physical damage and 1 core damage. You won’t get the full value of her ultimate early in the battle where there are a lot of enemy fodder but once there’s only a handful of enemies left or a single boss, expect her to dish out solid damage from this skill alone. This skill can CRIT, which is determined by this skill’s CRIT rate and CRIT damage bonus.

Her first passive skill gives her ultimate skill an instant cooldown when it scores a kill; however, the major downside of this effect is its relatively long cooldown (45 seconds). Leveling up this passive skill will lower the cooldown period before the skill’s effect gets activated again. The second passive gives her an attack bonus that lasts for the entire battle and can be stacked 6 times.

Her Mania Intensify effect boosts her physical penetration by 15% while her exclusive crimebrand increases her ultimate’s CRIT damage. Additionally, the max number of refreshes that will get activated when killing an enemy target has been changed to 2.


Roulecca is a straight-up ranged DPS with high damage potential, with the innate ability to deal bonus damage to normal enemies and more damage against enemies with broken cores. Her ultimate lacks the instant damage output but she makes up for it by having incredibly fast attacks with high potential damage. Her ultimate, Lucky Roulette, loads 6 “Lucky Bullets” that enables her next six attacks to deal between 50%-225% of her attack value . At skill level 10, this skill’s damage ceiling can reach 450% (per shot).

Once her first passive is unlocked, her Attack Speed will have a permanent boost and each Lucky Bullet will have a chance to boost both Crit Rate and Crit Damage. Leveling up this passive skill boosts can boost her attack speed to a maximum of 27%. The second passive just provides 30% damage reduction to Roulecca after firing six Lucky Bullets.

Roulecca’s exclusive crimebrand increases the minimum value of her Lucky Bullet’s damage range (default is 50%) by 10%/15%20% depending on the skill level. Additionally, the effect has been changed to shoot the six Lucky Bullets quickly. Finally, her mania intensify skill guarantees her to fire a Lucky Bullet every six attacks.


Summer is a technically-adept sinner capable of summoning drones to aid her in combat. These drones will attack independently, allowing you to cover more ground and intercept more enemies. The drones will deal damage based on Summer’s ATK value. Summoning drones have a 20-second cooldown and they’ll remain on the battlefield until the end of battle. She can have up to four drones on the field at once. Once you have her Mania Intensify skill unlocked, she’ll be able to instantly summon an additional drone at the start of battle.

Her ultimate allows her to deploy a drone and increases her and her drones’ attack speed for a few seconds. (While the ultimate skill is active, she won’t be able to recharge any energy.) Her passives also capitalizes on the number of drones she has deployed. The first passive increases her damage output based on the amount of damage dealt by her drones. The second passive gives her a crit rate bonus per drone on the field.

For her exclusive crimebrand, she’ll gain access to a one-per-battle skill called Overload. Once activated, all her drones will gain a 100% crit rate bonus for a few seconds. Once the Overload mode is over, the drones will lose their ability to move for 10 seconds.


That concludes our Path to Nowhere Tier List for Reticle characters. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Path to Nowhere content!

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