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Mobile games have in-game shops that accept various currencies that you can earn in-game and also using real money as well. In our Supply Office Guide, we will briefly discuss Path to Nowhere’s in-game shop and what are the items that you should consider buying regularly.

Path to Nowhere is a real-time strategy RPG where players use their authority and powers as the newly-appointed chief of an organization that captures and handles powerful entities called Sinners. Use their powers to form a combat-ready team of specialists specifically made for dealing with various threats to the city.

Path to Nowhere is a free-to-play gacha mobile game and while the content is not gated behind paywalls, you can purchase various resources using various in-game currency that you can reliably save up while playing the game regularly, as well as supporting the developers by purchasing premium items using real money.

There’s really no PvP or heavy competitive mode in the game. If you just want to have an easier time progressing, get the characters you want, or just afford the various skins in the game, then purchasing premium currency or packs will be right up your alley. However, should you ever decide to purchase in-game items, please remember to spend responsibly and within your reasonable limit.

The in-game shop is called the Supply Office and can be easily accessed from the home menu. You can navigate through various categories by tapping the tabs on the left side of the screen.


This category will just feature some of the game’s highly-recommended items that you should consider buying such as the Black Key VIP monthly subscription service, featured character skin, and ongoing Battle Pass (Surveillance Order)

Supply Office Guide

Featured Pack

Here you can find the various packs available for sale, including the Free Supply box that you can claim daily and Promotion Award box that will be available for claiming once you’ve reached the specified Chief Level. You should always claim the Free Supply box especially if you’re a F2P (free to play) player and don’t forget to claim your Promotion Award box regularly.

Supply Office Guide

You can also purchase the Black Key VIP from this category. If you’re a low-spender and would like to get the “bang for the buck” deal, this is one of the best that you can get. It only costs around $5 USD for a month and will give you 300 Ultracubes once, and a daily supply for 60 Hypercubes and 100 Stamina for 30 days. That means by logging in and playing daily with this subscription on, you’ll earn a total of 1800 Hypercubes (or x10 Arrests) and 3000 stamina.

The only catch is that you must claim these daily freebies before the game’s scheduled content reset. This is because missed rewards won’t be refunded. Finally, you can stack the Black Key VIP subscriptions up to a total of 150 days. If the expiration date of your current BKV subscription is over 150 days, then you won’t be able to purchase any more until the expiration date falls within or below 150 days.


These are special skins or limited outfits in the game that can only be purchased using Ultracubes. There are no stat bonuses earned from skins aside from turning your sinners into attractive eye candies. Unless you’re collecting all skins for all characters, there’s really no advantage of buying skins regularly; if you’re really adamant about buying skins, we recommend considering only when trying to get one for your favorite character(s).

Supply Office Guide


This category has several mini-shops that we will discuss further below:

Arrest Exchange

To avail the various items and Sinners in this tab, you have to spend Regular or Confidential Arrest Credits (more below). In this shop you’ll find two sub-categories. The Arrest Credit Standard allows you to spend Regular Arrest Credits in exchange for various promotion or general-use items like Mania Essences, DisCoins, Memory Fragments, and upgrade materials. You can also buy five Arrest Warrants per month in this shop for 150 credits each.

Supply Office Guide

The Arrest Credit Confidential contains a featured S-class sinner for 250 Confidential Credits, (generic) S-class and A-class Sinner Marks, advanced materials, and Arrest Warrants that you can buy for 8 CC each without limitations.

Supply Office Guide

You can earn Arrest Credits whenever you arrest a Sinner for the first time or whenever you obtain additional copies of them, as outlined below. The type and amount of Arrest Credits you’ll gain will also depend on the rarity of the sinner.

B-Class Sinners

* Obtained for the first time: Confidential Arrest Credit x1

* Obtained 2nd copy onwards: Regular Arrest Credit x20

A-Class Sinners

* Obtained for the first time: Confidential Arrest Credit x1

* Obtained 2nd copy onwards: Confidential Arrest Credit x2

S-Class Sinners

* Obtained for the first time: Confidential Arrest Credit x1

* Obtained 2nd copy onwards: Confidential Arrest Credit x10

Additionally, once a Sinner reaches full Shackles Sync Rate (Stage 5), all further copies of that Sinner (Sinner Marks) can be converted to Arrest Credits as well. You can do that by tapping the “Fragment Redemption” button in the top-right corner of the screen. The exchange rate is found below:

* B-class Sinner Marks: Regular Arrest Credit x20

* A-class Sinner Marks: Confidential Arrest Credit x2

* S-Class Sinner Marks: Confidential Arrest Credit x10

Supply Office Guide

Battle Medal

Here you can buy some Crimebrands that you won’t normally get by farming the Stormy Memories instances. You’ll need to use a currency called Broken Battle Medals that can be collected by clearing stages in the Broken Frontline Instance.

Supply Office Guide


Here you can use Contribution Points that you can earn by donating in your Alliance or guild. There are three exchange levels; at the lowest level, you can exchange CP for basic items like Mania Essence, DisCoins, Skill Modules, and Low-level Material Chests. For the mid and high level exchanges, you’ll be able to exchange for Memory Fragments, better Material Supply Chests and better Skill Modules. These items have a monthly limit so once you buy everything, the item will be sold-out until the next monthly content reset.

Supply Office Guide


In this shop, you can exchange Friendship Points for really valuable items like Warrants and Dream Dust, as well as basic yet important consumables like DisCoins, Mania Essence, and Memory Fragments. Prioritize getting the Arrest and Dream Dust first until you reach the buying limit, then purchase the Skill Modules and other daily items. Get the material supply chests only as needed.

Supply Office Guide

You can earn FP mostly by having a lot of friends (even those you don’t personally know). You can send FP to them daily (sent FP is not deducted to your total) and in turn, they can send FP back which you can claim. You can also earn FP whenever a friend uses any of the sinners you’ve set at the Friend Assist screen on their battles. However, this is not a consistent source since not that many players require assistance, especially once they’ve managed to build a better team for clearing content.

Supply Office Guide


In this shop, you can purchase featured A-class and B-class sinners, Sinner Marks, and Soul Marks using a currency known as Dark Samples. These can be collected from clearing stages and levels in the Oblivion Pit mode. Unless you need the featured characters, you’re better off saving up for Sinner Marks so you can increase the Sync Rate of your favorite characters.

Supply Office Guide

Crystal Supply

Here you can purchase Ultracubes directly using real money. You can earn double the amount of ultracubes when purchasing a denomination for the first time.

Supply Office Guide

Event Exchange

Finally, we have a temporary category that only appears during their respective event period. The currency that can be used for exchanges are event-exclusive and will disappear once the event is over. Usually there are really valuable rewards that you should exchange first, like skins, and high value materials.

Supply Office Guide

That concludes our Supply Office Guide in Path to Nowhere. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Path to Nowhere content!

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