Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere Tier List - Best Fury and Umbra

Nov 27th 2022

In this Path to Nowhere tier list, we will cover the Fury and Umbra characters which are the frontline fighter/DPS and assassin roles in the game respectively.

Path to Nowhere Tier List - Best Fury and Umbra
Path to Nowhere Tier List - Best Fury and Umbra

Best Frontline DPS (Fury) Overview

Path to Nowhere

S: Nox, Zora

A: Pacassi, Horo

B: Wendy, Ninety-Nine, Che, Dolly

C: Pepper, Hella

Best Assassins (Umbra) Overview

Path to Nowhere

S: Bai Yi, Labyrinth

A: Crache, Tetra

B: Iron

C: Gekkabijin, Sumire

More details about the S-tier and A-tier characters below.


Since the game’s combat system highly encourages a good combination of various characters in a team to cover each other’s weaknesses and deal with various combat situations. As such, there’s really no “jack of all trades” or best character overall. For example, an exceptional, top-tier tank might be great at defending but will lack reliable crowd-control abilities. Top-tier DPS can be glass cannons when not protected. In this tier list, we will divide the best characters in their respective roles or class. To prevent boring readers with a long wall of text, we will be dividing this tier list into three pages; two for each class. In our part 2 of the game’s tier list, we will cover the Fury and Umbra characters which are the frontline fighter/DPS and assassin roles in the game respectively.

Sinner Class

There are six character classes or roles in the game. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses. Their attack range and skill types determine their role in the battlefield - specifically their actual position on the field and the characters you’ll deploy.

Role/ Class Description
Endura The tanks of the game; effective in blocking enemies and absorbing damage
Umbra The game’s answer to the assassin archetype; highly mobile and capable of dealing effective damage.
Arcane These are the game’s mages and spellcasters, capable of dealing AoE explosive damage
Fury The frontline fighters, capable of directly engaging enemies and dealing damage
Reticle Ranged units that can deal continuous damage to targets from a distance.
Catalyst Support units that provide healing and buffs to allies, and apply debuffs to enemies.
Path to Nowhere

About Skills

Each character has four skills: Normal ATK, Ultimate, and two Passive skills. These skills permanently belong to the character and cannot be influenced by other factors except by personal enhancements of the owner. By default, Normal ATK and Ultimate are unlocked; to unlock the 1st passive, you have to reach Phase 1 and for the second passive skill, you’ll need the sinner to reach Phase 2. You can also tap the individual skills to display more information about them, like the complete description of the skill, its effective range, and a preview of its upgrade levels, up to LV10.

It’s a good idea to at least read the skill description of the characters that you’ll use often as their effective range and skill description may also affect their ideal positions in the battlefield. The combination of these skills and how they influence the flow of battle offensively and defensively is a major factor of how characters are considered for their placement in this tier list.

Path to Nowhere

About Core Destruction

There are certain units with a red color in their role icon. This indicates that the character is capable of destroying enemy cores. Certain enemies like strong monsters and bosses have cores in them. Only characters with the red class icon can destroy these cores, temporarily stunning the enemy and rendering it vulnerable to bonus damage. Enemies with intact cores are usually hard to deal with since they’ll have damage resistance and will continue to be active with their nasty abilities. Thankfully, there are a good number of top and mid-tier units core-destroying units to choose from the tier list.

About Shackles

If you get copies of the same character, you’ll obtain their Marks. You can only use Marks of the same character to improve their Sync Rate. Alternatively, you can also generic Sinner Marks that can be used on any Sinner as a substitute for their marks. This is very useful since character marks can be extremely hard to collect since you’ll be relying on your luck to get their copies again. Take note that Sinner Marks also follow some sort of rarity. For example, Sinner Mark (A) can only be used on A-rank Sinners below. For S-rank sinners, you specifically need Sinner Mark (S).

Path to Nowhere

Tier List Overview

Most of the high-tier characters in the game are SSR or SSR+ characters (highest grade), and their appearance rates in limited and permanent banners are astronomically low. If you’re an F2P (free-to-play), expect to play daily for a LONG time before you can complete your dream team - that’s even if you’re relatively lucky with your pulls. For spending players, the chances are a bit better since they’ll have more recruitment attempts though at the end of the day, all players are at the mercy of the gacha gods. One popular method of attempting to get valuable characters without spending any money is Rerolling. We will have a dedicated page for that so please check it out.

Path to Nowhere

As far as our tier list goes, you’ll notice that most top-tier characters are S-rank since they’re more powerful than the A-rank or B-rank characters by default. You have the freedom to use low-tier or low-rank Sinners early on as placeholders, at least until you’re able to recruit better units or those that you personally prefer, regardless of their Tier List ranking.

We will also only provide additional details about S-tier and A-tier characters only, with some special mentions about certain characters if necessary. As we always remind players, tier lists are not definite rules dictating how overpowered or useless a hero can be. Remember, this is your game, your experience! So if you still want to use and invest in low-tier characters, then by all means, do it! It all boils down to player preference and of course the availability of characters. Use this tier list as a guide, as it is intended to be.

Best Frontline DPS (Fury)

Path to Nowhere


Nox easily holds the position of being the top-tier DPS because of the major offensive boost that she brings to your team. Her first passive gives her an Attack bonus for every enemy that’s been killed during the battle, up to 18% at max skill level. Her second passive reduces the DEF of all enemies while she’s deployed in the field, up to 27% DEF reduction at max skill level. Her innate ability gives her 5% more damage AND allows her to deal 5% bonus damage against enemies with broken cores, making her a deadly frontline attacker in all situations.

On top of that, her ultimate, Touch of Despair, enables her normal attack to produce shockwaves that can cut through enemies in a 3x3 grid in front of her. This greatly increases her range and the shockwaves can penetrate through multiple targets as well, giving her an outstanding and powerful crowd-control option. Her Mania Intensify ability further increases the physical penetration of her attacks by 15%.

Once you have unlocked her exclusive crimebrand at Phase 3, her ultimate’s damage is increased to 600%-800%, depending on the exclusive crimebrand’s level. On top of that, her ultimate now deals 1 core damage to all enemies in a 3x3 square. For each enemy hit by this attack, she’ll gain a 10% damage reduction bonus while her ultimate is active, stackable up to five times. This is a major game-changer for her, making her deadlier and broken.

Nox can also be obtained for free by completing a series of missions that you must complete for a limited time. These missions will be available for new players and start on the day that the account is created. That said, you have to play regularly to be able to make enough progress with your account to complete most of the missions. When also rerolling, you can consider skipping Nox from the list of S-rank sinners that you get from your free rolls since you can get her for free. If you’re not really in the mood for rerolling and still want to keep Nox, then you can still work on getting her other copy from the missions to enable her amazing Stage 1 Sync Rate effect.

Path to Nowhere


Zoya is another S-rank, high-tier DPS but doesn’t even compare to Nox even if we placed them in the same tier list. In truth, we can put Nox at SS-tier while Zoya sits in S-rank but for the sake of consistency, we just put them in the same tier.

Anyway, her burst has some of the highest damage in the game, up to 900% physical damage at max skill level to a 3x3 grid around her while also terrifying all enemies in range temporarily, making them walk the other direction. Her ultimate will also activate her “Legion’s Arrival” mode where her normal attack damage and number of hits will increase at the expense of her attack speed. Sure, she can’t automatically recover energy while in this mode but she’ll definitely wreck anything that comes her way.

Once you have unlocked her exclusive crimebrand, Zora will gain additional damage reduction and immunity against all negative conditions while her “Legion’s Arrival” effect is active. This ultimate’s range also gives her outstanding crowd control so having her in the frontline is almost as good as having a tank blocking the enemy advance.

Both of Zora’s innate ability and Mania Intensify effects boosts her damage and allows her to deal even more damage against enemies with broken cores. (up to 15%/15% for the two effects combined). Her first passive deals extra damage to her target every third hit of her attack. Her second passive increases her attack speed when she’s hitting the same enemy. This can be stacked up to 15 times and the attack speed can be increased up to 2% per hit once the skill level reaches LV10.

Best Assassins (Umbra)

Path to Nowhere

Bai Yi

Bai Yi has some interesting mechanics that focus on improving her crit rate and damage output, making her one of the best damage-dealers in the game. She can easily exceed the 100% crit rate cap but thanks to her exclusive crimebrand, any 1% crit rate that exceeds the cap will be converted to an attack boost that’s equal to 0.6%/0.8%/1% (depending on the crimebrand level)

Bai Yi’s ultimate deals physical damage and 1 core damage to all enemies within a cross area around her target grid on her next three movements. Every time she moves with this skill, she’ll gain a 15% crit rate boost for 10 seconds, which can be stacked.

Her first passive allows her to earn “Poise” stacks by staying put in the same location for at least 10 seconds. This can only be stacked twice; after that, you can move her to another location to activate the passive, giving her a 6% attack bonus for every Poise stack she earned. So basically, after 20 seconds of staying in the same location, move her to another spot so she can gain 12% attack bonus. By leveling up the passive, she can gain up to 10.8% attack bonus per Poise Stack, so moving her after 20 seconds gives her a massive 21.6% attack bonus with this passive.

Bai Yi’s second passive increases her Crit Rate by 20% while also allows her to gain 1 energy for each critical hit she inflicts (effect activates once every 4 seconds). At skill level 10, Bai Yi’s Crit Rate is boosted to 40% by this skill alone. Finally, Bai Yi’s Mania Intensify skill increases her Crit Rate by 50% for 10 seconds. This crit rate boost cannot be stacked if ever an enemy’s core is destroyed multiple times.

Path to Nowhere


Labyrinth might be a B-rank sinner but she is a very excellent core destroyer and multi-hit damage dealer, primarily thanks to her ultimate. Her ultimate “Purge Order” allows Labyrinth to move into another location, destroy cores, and deal damage to all enemies in a cross around her position up to 5 times. Purge Order can be charged up to two times and has a very low energy cost, allowing you to stack it and use it as necessary.

The only downside for this is that Labyrinth doesn’t regenerate energy automatically but by dealing normal attacks. This shouldn’t be a major issue since her ultimate’s energy cost is quite cheap and even if you’re not using it immediately, you can stack the ultimate two times. Additionally, if you have unlocked Labyrinth’s Mania Intensify skill, her ultimate resets the charge after breaking a core, which almost guarantees consistent uptime of the skill.

Her first passive just gives her an Attack increase when attacking enemies from behind while her second passive provides an attack boost after using her ultimate. Finally, her exclusive crimebrand guarantees a critical hit every 15 seconds, if the attack is from the back. The damage caused will be proportional to a small percentage of the target’s max HP.

Path to Nowhere


Crache’s gimmick revolves around his ability to hide and attack using shadows. He’ll gain access to various buffs and effects while hiding but at the same time, that will come at the cost of not being on the field most of the time to attack or block enemies consistently. When you have him in your team, you have access to a potentially great DPS output but you have to really pay attention in the midst of the battle.

His normal attack allows him to deal damage two blocks in front of him, giving him some range. His ultimate skill is a mouthful but basically, this allows him to enter in two modes; Shadow Hide and Rapid Blade Shadow. While hiding, Crache cannot attack, block, or get targeted by the enemy. At the same time, while he’s hiding, his critical damage increases 5% every second up to a maximum of 60%. If he moves or casts the second mode of his ultimate, he’ll get out of his Shadow Hide mode. The second mode is when he’ll unleash devastating damage and inflict 1 core damage against all enemies in a 4-block range in front of him.

The first passive allows him to generate an additional shadow every 6 seconds, up to two of them on the field at a time. Each shadow will inflict 210% additional physical damage whenever Rapid Blade Shadow (2nd mode, ultimate) is unleashed. This damage can be increased up to 378% at skill level 10 each shadow. That’s a massive 756% additional damage if you have two shadows by the time you activate Crache’s ultimate. The only catch is that one shadow will disappear every 10 seconds that Crache is in the open.

The second passive just allows Crache to earn 10% critical damage boost every time a shadow disappears in battle, up to two times. Once you unlock his exclusive crimebrand, Crache’s maximum number of shadows will be increased by 1 and provide him with a passive 15% attack boost. Finally, at phase 3, his Mania Intensify skill will automatically set him in Shadow Hide mode at the start of battle.

Path to Nowhere


Tetra is a great placeholder or if you need additional units that can reliably damage cores and inflict AoE damage at the same time. Her ultimate allows her to move into a target grid and deal damage to all enemies within 6 blocks in front of her, dealing high damage and 1 core damage. The damage multiplier of this skill is quite high, reaching up to 900% when fully upgraded. When you unlock her exclusive crimebrand, her ultimate becomes a Time Rewind that will deal higher damage to all enemies within the skill’s range then moves her back to the previous location.

Her first passive allows her to gain a crit damage bonus after using her ultimate. This boost can be stacked up to five times and will last until the end of the battle. Her second passive enables her critical hits to stun enemies for two seconds though this effect has a 20-second cooldown. Finally, her Mania Intensify skill gives a 20% Crit Rate bonus for 10 seconds to all allied sinners whenever she breaks a core.


That concludes our Path to Nowhere Tier List. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Path to Nowhere content!

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