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Arrest (Gacha) Guide

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Path to Nowhere has a gacha mechanic called Arrest. This is where you’ll scour the city for various Sinners and lock them up to “recruit” them. It is imperative to use this feature frequently since this is the only way to increase your roster of characters and have the chance to get better, top-tier units. In our Arrest (Gacha) Guide, we will discuss how the game's gacha system works.

Path to Nowhere is a real-time strategy RPG where players use their authority and powers as the newly-appointed chief of an organization that captures and handles powerful entities called Sinners. Use their powers to form a combat-ready team of specialists specifically made for dealing with various threats to the city.


If you’re playing other mobile games with gacha mechanics, then you’re already familiar with how this randomized system works. If this is your first time you’ve heard of it, think of it as a lottery or loot box where you have to spend premium currency or special tickets/vouchers for a chance to get something from the prize pool of possible prizes/items/characters. While the game offers several free-to-play friendly methods of earning these currency and tickets, the fastest and most convenient way of obtaining them is by spending real money through the in-game shop. To increase your roster and to get a chance to get even more powerful and rarer Sinners, you’ll need to play regularly to gain the necessary resources to make more Arrests (recruitment attempts).

Path to Nowhere’s gacha system is simplified since you can get characters in the game; there’s no gacha mechanic for equipment (since gears and equipment are non-existent in the game) or other items that share the same pool of rewards. “Pulling” for a character is the same as what other games refer to as “recruiting” or “summoning”. For any game that implements a rarity or star system, it’s a given that not all characters are going to be created equal. As such, expect the rarer and more powerful units to have much lower probability to appear during Arrest attempts.

Whenever you use the Arrest system, you have a chance to get random Sinners with varying degrees of rarity. The rarer the Sinner, the lower the probability of getting her/him.
Arrest (Gacha) Guide

Pity System

The game implements a “Pity System” that increases your chances of getting a rare Sinner if you fail to get any after X number of Arrests. For example, every 10 Arrests, you’re guaranteed to get at least one A-class sinner with the probability of getting a S-class. The 10–count will reset whenever you get an A-class or S-class sinner at any time.

The system also guarantees a S-rank sinner on the 80th arrest, just in case you fail to get any S-rank unit for the last 79 arrests. The guaranteed pity counter gets reset back to 0 if you manage to pull for a S-rank sinner before reaching the guaranteed counter. (80th) This counter is independent of the aforementioned 10-pull counter above.

To make it easier to understand, let’s have some examples below.
Arrests 1-10
You obtained an A-rank sinner on the 7th pull. This resets the 10-pull counter back to zero so you have 3 pulls into the next 10-pull cycle. That means you have 7 more pulls to trigger the A-rank/S-rank drop on the 10th pull.

Arrests 1-10
You obtained three A-ranks in the 2nd, 5th, and 8th pulls. You have to ignore the preceding pulls and focus counting from the last pull. So getting the A-rank on the 8th pull resets the counter; you’ll start at 2 pulls for the next cycle. That means you need another 8 pulls to trigger a guaranteed A-rank / chance for an S-rank.

Arrests 1-10
You have obtained one A-rank in the 3rd pull, a S-rank in the 6th pull, and another A-rank in the 9th pull. Like before, ignore the first few A/S rank pulls and focus on the latest pull. The 9th pull resets the “10-pull” counter, so you have one pull counted for the next cycle. You’ll need another 9 pulls to trigger the guaranteed A-rank / chance for an S-rank. The S-rank pulled in the 6th attempt resets the guaranteed S-rank pity counter which is counted separately.

Arrests 1-70
You obtained an S-rank in the 65th pull. This will reset the “80-pull S-rank” counter. That means you’re 5 pulls into the new 80-pull cycle and you need 75 more pulls to trigger the guaranteed S-rank pity.

Arrests 1-75
You obtained two S-ranks; one in the 70th, and another in the 75th pull. Like the examples above, you only need to count from the last S-rank pull. Since there are no excess pulls, you’ll start from zero counter and you’ll need 80 pulls for the next S-rank pity.

Arrests 1-10
You have obtained one A-rank in the 3rd pull, a S-rank in the 6th pull, and another A-rank in the 9th pull. Your running S-rank counter is 70. Since the pity counters are independent from each other, here’s how you’ll count them:
  • Next guaranteed A-Rank (possible S-rank): 9 more pulls
  • Next guaranteed S-rank Pity: You have 4 excess pulls from the current cycle. The counter is also reset so you’ll need 76 more pulls to trigger your next guaranteed S-rank.

This mechanic is common to other recent gacha games so if you understood how the pity counter works, you’re pretty much good to go moving forward. You can also review your pull history by tapping the pity counter in the lower-right corner of the banner screen. This will make counting easier.
Arrest (Gacha) Guide


There are different banners or categories in the gacha window: Beginner, Limited, and Routine (Permanent). The Beginner banner disappears after pulling from it at least 20 times, so you’ll be left with the limited and routine banners.

Limited Banners are feature boosted characters for a limited period of time. What this means is that if you manage to trigger an S-rank to appear, the boosted character has a higher chance of appearing. For this banner, you have 2%-2.84% of getting an S-rank sinner. From the current 8 S-rank sinners in the pull, you have a 50% chance of getting the boosted character. You may also find two Limited Banners with different boosted characters. Thankfully, both banners share the same 80-pull guaranteed S-rank pity counter. This counter is reset as soon as you get ANY S-rank character from the banner. This counter is also separate from the Routine banner’s counter. Once the banner’s period is over, the running pity count will not be carried over and new limited banners will be introduced.

Routine banners on the other hand, are permanent banners without time periods. As mentioned above, they have a separate pity counter. There are no boosted characters here; however, the probability of getting an S-rank sinner increases if you’ve reached 50 Arrests without getting any S-rank. After getting an S-rank the counter will reset and the probability boost will also reset back to the default 2%.
Arrest (Gacha) Guide

That concludes our Arrest (Gacha) Guide in Path to Nowhere. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Path to Nowhere content!

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