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Interrogation System

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In other mobile games, you’ll get to know your characters through various modes or “affinity” systems. Usually by interacting more or using the characters more often in battles, they’ll “grow closer” to the player, allowing you to unlock their backstories, voice lines etc.

Path to Nowhere’s version for such is Compliance and since the game has a prison theme, one of the ways to increase compliance and unlock more information about the characters is via Interrogation. In our Interrogation Guide, we will briefly discuss how to use this feature.

Path to Nowhere is a real-time strategy RPG where players use their authority and powers as the newly-appointed chief of an organization that captures and handles powerful entities called Sinners. Use their powers to form a combat-ready team of specialists specifically made for dealing with various threats to the city.

Interrogation is one way to learn more about a Sinner in your roster and increase their compliance towards you. Each sinner has a different interrogation level, and after successfully completing each session, you’ll also earn some hypercubes as reward, as well as increasing the Sinner’s compliance and unlocking new entries to their profiles as well.
Interrogation System

You can access the Interrogation screen from the Bureau screen in the main menu. From there, you can select any of the available Sinners that you want to interrogate. Before you can actually start the interrogation session, you’ll need to get the necessary amount of Evidence. Thankfully, you don’t need to farm these vital pieces of information. However, confusingly, the currency needed to purchase Evidence is also called Evidence. Basically, each Evidence piece requires 500 Evidence currency. So for example, a Sinner that needs three Evidence pieces will need a total of 1500 evidence currency to make the session available. You can collect the Evidence currency from completing daily order tasks or from Operation Summary rewards.
Interrogation System
Interrogation System

You don’t really need to do that much during the actual interrogation. The dialogues and the outcomes are pretty much pre-determined so unless you care about a Sinner’s backstory, you can always set the interrogation in automatic or skip it entirely. After the session, you’ll receive the rewards and the Sinner’s profile will be updated accordingly.
Interrogation System

On top of updating the sinner’s profile and obtaining hypercubes, the completed phases of the individual Sinners’s interrogation will also count towards their progress in the Libram system. Think of this separate system as an archive that keeps track of all your characters’ progress like obtaining the character, reaching compliance rate thresholds, and completed interrogation phases. Reaching these milestones will add counters called Soul Chimes that will count towards the group’s total. The group total has its own set of rewards as well that you can collect. We will be covering the Libram System in detail on a separate page.
Interrogation System

That concludes our Interrogation Guide in Path to Nowhere. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Path to Nowhere content!

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