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Path to Nowhere has a Stamina system that serves as a limiter that prevents players from playing the game for long hours in one sitting. This is because most of the important activities in the game like story missions and resource farming instances or stages require a fixed amount of stamina as “entry ticket”. In our Stamina System Guide, we will briefly discuss how the game’s Stamina system works and how you can efficiently manage it.

Path to Nowhere is a real-time strategy RPG where players use their authority and powers as the newly-appointed chief of an organization that captures and handles powerful entities called Sinners. Use their powers to form a combat-ready team of specialists specifically made for dealing with various threats to the city.

Most of your activities will be determined by the Stamina system. This functions as a limiter which is pretty common in mobile games, as you’re not really supposed to grind for hours on a mobile game. 1 Stamina is restored automatically every 6 minutes and your max stamina is determined by your player level. If the stamina has reached the max stamina value or exceeded it, the automatic stamina restoration will be temporarily halted until the stamina value goes below the max stamina.

You can “purchase” 100 stamina instantly by spending Hypercubes - the premium currency of the game. You can only purchase stamina using this method up to 10 times a day. You can obtain additional stamina as rewards from the battle pass (Surveillance Order) or as daily reward if you have the Black Key VIP card purchased. (Monthly Pass).

Stamina System

You’ll also get free Stamina whenever your player level increases and from a regular scheduled stamina delivery at noon and evening. You can claim that from the Bureau option in the main menu, then tapping the icon in the left side of the screen, beside the Archives.

Stamina System

It’s pretty easy to have surplus stamina early in the game but you’ll eventually run out easily, especially if you have to farm various materials to improve your main team of Sinners. So if you don’t think you can play for a while, it’s better to spend them in raiding resource stages in The Rust where you can gather DisCoins (gold), Mania Essence (level up material), Elemental Particle or Fluids (limit break materials).

You just need to clear a stage once while completing the Special Mission (usually not losing any SAN or life during the battle) and you’ll be able to Raid the same stage moving forward. Raiding is where you’ll spend stamina to instantly complete the battle and receive the corresponding rewards immediately. If you fail or restart a battle, no stamina is consumed.

Stamina System

That concludes our Stamina System Guide in Path to Nowhere. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Path to Nowhere content!

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