Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide

Nov 28th 2022

By rerolling, you’re giving yourself a chance to start the game with your desired or top-tier units. New accounts are usually given free summons/rolls to get them started so even if you didn’t get any good units from your rolls, wiping out your data and restarting from the beginning to get another attempt at free rolls is more efficient that playing the game normally and trying to earn the necessary resources.

In our Path to Nowhere reroll guide, we will quickly discuss how rerolling is done in the game and what characters you should aim for.

Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide
Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have Guest Account options so you’re pretty much stuck with only the four available sign-in methods as listed below. This means each sign-in method is tied to an account so your reroll attempts are only as good as the number of accounts that you can create.

* Apple

* Facebook

* Twitter

* Google

Desirable Units

When rerolling, you should aim to at least get one or two S-rank sinners. If one of those is in the top-tier list, you’re good to go. Here’s the quick summary of the best units you should try getting.

Best Support (Catalyst): Hamel

Path to Nowhere

Hamel is the top-tier support unit with some interesting quirks. For example, she can’t perform normal attacks so in a way, you’ll lose some DPS output. On another hand, she can’t be targeted by enemies so you can’t use her to block an enemy advance since they’ll just ignore her or pass by her. (She can still get damaged by AoE attacks).

However, she makes up for it with her amazing dedicated support skills. Her normal attacks are replaced with “Dance” (Requiem) where she restores HP of all allies within a 3x3 grid around her PER SECOND. This healing tick is scaled on her ATK rating and of course, the skill level. Her Ultimate skill enhances the effects of her Dance (normal attacks) for a brief period of time. While the ultimate skill is in effect, she can’t recover energy automatically.

Best Tank (Endura): Demon

Path to Nowhere

Demon is the only S-rank tank in the game so it’s obvious that he secures the top position in this tier list for tanks. However, that doesn’t mean that his ranking is without merit. His entire kit is centered around defense and he excels with it. His default ability boosts his max HP by 10% and allows him to block up to two enemies at once. At Phase 3, he’ll also be able to buff all allied sinners’ ATK equal to 0.5% of their shield value.

His ultimate grants him a shield equal to a portion of his max HP, with his allies within range getting a shield of their own equal to a portion of his total shield value while his first passive grants him a shield automatically based on a portion of his max HP every few seconds. His second passive increases his shield’s effectiveness as he loses HP. Due to these amazing and highly-effective defensive skills, Demon is currently unmatched in terms of survivability. If ever you manage to Arrest (recruit/summon) him, keep and secure that account.

Best Frontline DPS (Fury): Nox

Path to Nowhere

Nox easily holds the position of being the top-tier DPS because of the major offensive boost that she brings to your team. Her first passive gives her an Attack bonus for every enemy that’s been killed during the battle, up to 18% at max skill level. Her second passive reduces the DEF of all enemies while she’s deployed in the field, up to 27% DEF reduction at max skill level. Her innate ability gives her 5% more damage AND allows her to deal 5% bonus damage against enemies with broken cores, making her a deadly frontline attacker in all situations.

Her ultimate turns her normal attacks into shockwaves that greatly increases her range and the shockwaves can penetrate through multiple targets as well, giving her an outstanding and powerful crowd-control option. At phase 3, the physical penetration of her attacks will be increased as well.

Important Note!

Nox can also be obtained for free by completing a series of missions that you must complete for a limited time. These missions will be available for new players and start on the day that the account is created. That said, you have to play regularly to be able to make enough progress with your account to complete most of the missions. When also rerolling, you can consider skipping Nox from the list of S-rank sinners that you get from your free rolls since you can get her for free. If you’re not really in the mood for rerolling and still want to keep Nox, then you can still work on getting her other copy from the missions to enable her amazing Stage 1 Sync Rate effect.

Best Assassin (Umbra) - Bai Yi

Path to Nowhere

Bai Yi has some interesting mechanics that focus on improving her crit rate and damage output, making her one of the best damage-dealers in the game. She can easily exceed the 100% crit rate cap but thanks to her exclusive crimebrand, any 1% crit rate that exceeds the cap will be converted to an attack boost that’s equal to 0.6%/0.8%/1% (depending on the crimebrand level)

Bai Yi’s ultimate deals physical damage and 1 core damage to all enemies within a cross area around her target grid on her next three movements. Every time she moves with this skill, she’ll gain a stackable crit rate boost for a few seconds. Her first passive allows her to earn “Poise” stacks by staying put in the same location for at least 10 seconds. This can only be stacked twice; after that, you can move her to another location to activate the passive, giving her a 6% attack bonus for every Poise stack she earned. Bai Yi’s second passive increases her Crit Rate by 20% while also allowing her to gain 1 energy for each critical hit she inflicts (effect activates once every 4 seconds).

Best Ranged Phys DPS (Reticle) - Langley

Path to Nowhere

Langley is an exceptional ranged DPS capable of softening up and debuffing enemies from a distance. She starts to shine once she gains access to her first passive, Causality. Every shot she lands on an enemy inflicts it with the debuff of the same name. Whenever she inflicts damage on the same enemy with the Causality debuff, she’ll inflict bonus damage based on her ATK. This damage multiplier can be further increased by leveling up the skill. This debuff can stack up to 10 times on a single target, making Langley deadlier on bosses with high HP. Her second passive makes her debuff even deadlier, causing an enemy with the Causality debuff to inflict collateral damage to all enemies in that grid when it dies.

Her ultimate, Gunfire Edict, is a multi-hit, AoE attack that fires five shots to enemies within the range she selects. The first shot destroys 1 core as well. Leveling up this skill increases the damage multiplier she can inflict per shot. Once you have unlocked her exclusive crimebrand, her ultimate skill inflicts Causality on all enemies hit by her attack and boosts her attack speed for 10 seconds. Her mania intensify skill increases her physical penetration, improving the punch of all her attacks.

Best Magical DPS (Arcane) - Eirene

Path to Nowhere

Eirene is an amazing magical DPS, boasting great range and outstanding single-target and crowd-control abilities, thanks primarily to her ultimate skill that changes forms and effects depending on the targets that get hit by it. Getting her added to your team will work wonders since she can also break cores multiple times, providing high offensive capability and valuable utility. If you place her in a cross area around the chief, she’ll provide 1 energy to the Chief (player) and 5 energy for herself every 30 seconds, thanks to her second passive.

Her ultimate has three different effects depending on the type of enemy that’s been targeted. Improving this skill level will increase the damage multipliers of each effect. Eirene’s first passive increases the damage of Eirene’s next ultimate by 15% whenever an ally uses their ultimate. This damage bonus can be stacked twice so if two allies use their ultimate before Eirene, her next Contract Destruction will get 30% bonus damage. At Phase 3, her Mania Intensify ability further increases her ultimate’s damage!


That concludes our Path to Nowhere Reroll Guide. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Path to Nowhere content!

Path to Nowhere is a real-time strategy RPG where players use their authority and powers as the newly-appointed chief of an organization that captures and handles powerful entities called Sinners. Use their powers to form a combat-ready team of specialists specifically made for dealing with various threats to the city.

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