Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

General Tips and Help

General Tips and Help
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide


Here is our page of top hints and tips for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

It's not a difficult game to play, but we can offer some advice when it comes to energy usage, timing and even clicking!

1. Don't start a timed event without full energy

This is a general rule of thumb, you really want to start any timed event that you have to collect a number of stars to pass with full energy. Remember you only get one energy back every four minutes.

2. Time when you collect your free energy.

At the moment there are seven locations that you can get free energy, however this is only possible roughly about once every 6 hours. So it's often the case that it is best to start a timed event, run down all of your energy in the quest, then go out of the quest, collect all of your free energy then return to where you left off (some quests do not allow you to leave the room once the quest has started though!)

3. Where possible chose the 8 hour option for lessons

This will maximise your bonuses that you receive.

4. Select the award that gives the most - except coins.

Usually when you have an option to get given an attribute award, select the one that offers the most in that round. For example, if you are offered 15 courage and 5 knowledge, that the 15 courage.

In most costs don't select coins UNLESS you are offered something crazy like 1000 or more - this happened to me once and I grabbed the coins!

5. Focus task

While you are taking lessons and collecting stars there is the focus task. I usually find it easier to hit the target as the circle is growing rather than contracting.

6. Don't tap madly!

If you are doing lessons and tap too fast sometimes you will make a mistake as the game may need to you draw a line or do the focus task, and the game may interpret your quick tapping as your attempt at the task and you'll score bad.

The other thing is if you are low on energy, and tapping too quick, especially in the center of the screen, you may accidentally use any outstanding crystals that you have to accidentally purchase more energy, as the purchase energy screen does pop up if you try to use energy when you have none. It's happened to me once, and I wasn't too happy!

7. If you purchase, time it well.

If you do use real money to purchase crystals, then take advantage of the offers that pop up from time to time.

Have fuin, and if you have any tips of your own, please share them in the comments section below.

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