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How to Get House Points

How to Get House Points
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House Points is a feature added to Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery in 2018, the idea is that you compete in teams gaining House Points in order to first join a House Team and then help them with the House Cup and get rewarded for doing so. We'll do our best with this guide to tell you how to get house points and explain a little about what house points do.

How to Get House Points in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Getting House Points is as simple as playing through the game regularly. Just completing the normal everyday tasks such as lessons will give you House Points for your team. There are however some parts of the storyline that you will inevitably lose House Points for, it's just a part of the story, and often there isn't much you can do about this! Another thing to remember is to try to complete a lesson with full stars, sometimes you'll get more House Points that way too.
House Pride
House Pride

Another route to get more House Points is by completing Side Quests, completing these optional missions will sometimes give you extra House Points and they are also a great way to increase XP if you are trying to complete Magical Milestones, or just want to level up your character anyway.

How to Best Answer Questions for House Points

In certain interactions you need to select the response that fits best with your house values in order to gain the House Points, so your repsonse in certain situations will depend on whcih house you are a part of. In some interactions the game will give you a clue as to which answer to choose by marking with it with your House Colors, sometimes you'll get extra House Points for selecting the answer that corresponds with your House Color.
House Points
House Points

Here is a reminder of what each house stands for, along with their color:

Slytherin - Green - Ambitious and Cunning.
Ravenclaw - Blue - Intelligent and Witty.
Gryffindor - Red - Brave and Daring.
Hufflepuff - Yellow - Dedicated and Loyal.

Hopefully our guide on how to get house points in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery has helped in some way, so what are you waiting for get those House Points! And don't forget to claim all of your daily Free Energy!

On this page, we also have a little more on the House Pride event.

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