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Year One

Year One
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Chapter 1 and 2, really don't need a whole page, so we can just summarise these chapters here by saying they are literally follow the instructions and get to now how the game works, it's a breeze, but if for whatever reason you are stuck, please drop us a note in the comments or ask a question, and we'll try to help.

At Chapter 3 we now have a firm enemy in the character Merula who is dead set at giving your character a hard time.

It is also the first time that you will be faced with the game engineering your position to be out of energy.

Escape the Devils Snare
Escape the Devils Snare

Thanks to Merula you are locked in a room with Devils Snare, you'll need to cast Lumos to fend it off. The game will prompt you as to where and what to click, but you will soon find that you don't have enough energy to complete the task, unless you are prepared to wait, or purchase energy.

Out of Energy
Out of Energy

The point at which you run at of energy your character is being literally strangled by vines!!!

Tug at Vines
Tug at Vines

So, the options are to wait for your energy to restore itself or purchase some energy with real money. Energy is restored by the game at a rate of one unit of energy every 4 minutes.

In the game there are options to refil some energy for free, but while you are in this position, you can't go do it! Our free energy tips page is here: Free Energy.

As the year progresses you'll get used to the timing system used in the game and learn when is a good time to start a new goal.

Don't forget to grab your free energy whenever you can.

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