Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Year Two

Year Two
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In Year 2 you gain access to the transfiguration classroom and you will learn the Reparifarge spell, which undoes transfigurations.

You also unlock Bill Weasley as a character that you can interact with.

The story will carry on as you try to find your brother and discover what is in the cursed vaults.

Remember timing is crucial in the game, so remember to start any quests with full energy and be sure that you have enough time to get all the stars you need to complete the quest. This sometimes means it is better to start quests on the following day!

Year 2 Chapter 2

At the start of this chapter there is a 1 hour wait before you can complete this section of the story. You need to talk to Rowan in the Gryffindor Common Room - you can skip the wait for 30 crystals.

In terms of lessons you have to learn the spell Reducio, but things have changed in year 2, and you are now required to attain 7 stars in total. I've oped for the 5 stars over 8 hours option, and will complete the task with a two star option tomorrow.

After you have completed Reducio you need to have a social interaction with Rowan, you can see a list of the the correct responses on our Social Answers page.

After that the chapter is complete and onto Chapter 3.

Year 3 Chapter 3

This chapter starts with a rather demoaralizing 8 hour unlock wait! which you need to spend 100 crystals if you want to skip.

However you can start with the lessons objective in this chapter with is seven stars in fast laps, so head to the training ground and start your flying class. The good news is that you probably have full energy at this point as you have just completed a chapter.

I've decided to go for the 5 stars in 8 hours option, then will try to get the remaining 2 stars with a one hour option later. By that time, I hope the story part of this chapter will be unlocked.

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