Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Become an Animagus

Become an Animagus
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Prepare to make a new friend, embark on a journey that could literally change your life in the become and Animagus side quest.

4 part wide quest where you can gain coins, gems and if you complete the final part of the side quest, become and Animagus!

You have three days to complete this quest, the time starts from the moment you see the notification in your game about this Side Quest.

Meet your friends - Great Hall

Why do you want to become an Animagus?

- Any of the answers will do

Learn about Talbott - 5 stars to pass, 1 hour - 26 energy

Is it true you sneaked into Filch's Office?

- Maybe, what if I did - empathy bonus

- None of your business - courage bonus

You are probably surprised I have friends?

- Everyone has friends - 5 empathy been

Meet Talbott Winger

- Meet me in Filch's Office James.

Now's a good time to collect all of your free energy from the free energy locations

Find a Chrysalis - 5 stars to pass, 3 hours - 49 energy

Search with Talbott

Head to the artifact room (corridor) to gather the next ingredient.

Find some Dew - 5 stars to pass 3 hours - 51 energy

Head to herbology classroom and search with Talbott

Find a Mandrake Leaf - 5 stars to pass 3 hours - 46 energy

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