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Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School
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This is a time limited quest whereby you need to collect crests to unlock some gems and various items of cool clothes and accessories.

You can collect crests by completing a task with the maximum number of stars for the task.

So for example if you choose a 3 hour lesson where the maximum number of stars that you can get is 3, then you must complete the task gaining 3 stars and you will be awarded the same number of crests.

Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School

You can then collect the items that you unlock once you have enough crests.

Rewards, correct as of 15 June 2018

5 Crests - Trousers
10 Crests - 20 Diamonds
25 Crests - House Jumper
45 Crests - Shades

Remember this event is time limited so it may not be running when you actually read this page! Possibly it will reappear at a later date. If it does, the awards and requirements may be slightly different. If they are, please let us know in the comments.

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