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Magical Milestones

Magical Milestones
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Magical Milestones is the new season pass type event introduced to Hogwarts Mystery in June 2020.

Magical Milestones The Premiere
Magical Milestones The Premiere

The first Milestones event is called The Premiere, and allows you to unlock extra items as you play through the game and get XP. There are two tiers of rewards, free and bonus. Bonus rewards are unlocked by purchasing a key. There are two options, the key itself or the key as part of a bundle which comes with gems, energy and gold coins.

Magical Milestones Rewards

The rewards you can unlock will vary from season to season, usually there will be a grand final prize which is only available to people that have purchased the key to unlock the bonus level.

You don't have to purchase the key right away, maybe you could wait until you are sure you have played enough to be certain of unlocking the final reward before the season ends.

Magical Milestones The Premiere

The first season final bonus reward of Magical Milestones The Premiere is a new custom outfit for your avatar. this is unlocked if you have purchased the season pass key and gained 7869XP within the time of the season.
Bonus Avatar Costume
Bonus Avatar Costume

The Season Pass system is something that a lot of games have adopted recently and is a good way to support your favourite games and gain some extra rewards along the way.

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