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Free Energy

Free Energy
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The biggest bugbear that we have so far with the new Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Mystery is that you run out of energy far too soon and easily. Energy is responsible for so many tasks so you always need to have some in order to progress. Here is the problem... It's not so easy to get - unless you are prepared to pay up!

So, if you want to get some energy for free in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, bookmark this page and we'll keep adding to the knowledge that we have gained already!

One way to gain small amoujnts of extra energy is to go to any of the following areas and interact with a specific option to gain some free energy.

Castle Grounds

At the Castle Grounds move the screen over to the right to find the big stick on the floow. Tap that stick to get some energy. You can't keep doing it over and over as a dog will run away with it! But it will come back again eventually!

Also, next to the entrance you can see a standing torch, tap that torch as well for some free energy.


If you can find Dobby, tap him for a small amount of extra energy.

East Towers

Find the blank frame on the wall near the start of the East Towers. Tap on that frame and a lady in a wedding dress should appear inside it.

Lower Floor East

Tap the books that are by one of the benches.

Lower Floor West

Next to the entrance of the Great Hall you should see three sets of armor, tap no the middle one for a small energy boost.

West Towers

Tap the painting of the flowers which is in the Prefect's bathroom.

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