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Social Answers
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Welcome to our big list of Social Questions and Answers and interactions for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Throughout the game you will encounter 'social' questions which appear while you are playing with your friends.

We've listed all of the social encounters and interactions that we know of below, and we'll keep adding to these as we play through the game, so please be sure to bookmark this page to stay updated.

The idea is that you select the most 'perfect' answer to get the biggest reward, and that's where we come in as we've got all the anaswers below!

At many points in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery you will have social events with your friends that involve questions and answers. This Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Social Questions Guide lists all of the social encounters we’ve come across so far, the questions they ask and the best answers you can give.

To get involved in a social encounter look for the handshake symbol above your friend's head, tap that and you'll start a converstation which usually involves a series of three questions with multiple choice answers. Select the perfect answers and look forward to a healthy stats increase.

Reassure Rowan

Question: Have you had visions before?
Answer: I've heard things before

Question: Visions Can Be Dangerous
Answer: That's why I need your help

Question: How can I help
Answer: With knowledge and friendship

Question: Do you think it was a warning
Answer: Or a clue, maybe both

Cheer Up Ben

Question: There's so much to be afraid of
Answer: Everyone feels afraid sometimes

Question: Our friends aren't scared
Answer: We'll keep each other safe

Question: Why was I put in 'class name'
Answer: You're braver than you know

Question: I belong in the Muggle world
Answer: You belong at Hogwarts, Ben

Convince Rowan To Help You Investigate

Question: What if we get caught?
Answer: We won't. We'll be prepared

Question: What about Snape?
Answer: You'll work out a brilliant plan

Question: What about the Cursed Vaults?
Answer: We'll break the curse

Win at Gobstones by Distracting Rowan

The best way to distract Roan is by distracting him...

Lets Play James
Response: What are your favourite books

How to you like Gobstones?
Response: Lets talk about wand wood

Let's join the Gobstones Club
Response: Let's bunk off school

I can't believe you might win
Response: The library burned down

Discussing Your Vision

Year 1 Chapter 4

Have you had visions before?
Response: I've heard voices before

Visions can be dangerous
Response: That's why I need your help

How can I help?
Response: With knowledge and friendship

Do you think it was a warning?
Response: Or a clue. Maybe both

You have to be careful.
Response: We'll watch out for each other

Encourage your friend

Year 1 Chapter 4

There's so much to be afraid of.
Response: Everyone feels afraid sometimes

Our friends aren't scared.
Response: We'll keep each other safe

Why was I put in Gryffindor?
Response: You are braver than you know

I belong in the Muggle World
Response: You belong at Hogwarts, Ben

You think I'll succeed here
Response: I know you will

Recruiting Rowan

Year 1 Chapter 6

What is we get caught?
Response: We won't. We'll be prepared

I'm worried about your vision.
Response: We'll work it out together

What about Snape?
You'll work out a brilliant plan

What about the cursed vaults?
We'll break the curse

Recruiting Penny

Year 1 Chapter 8

Why do you believe in your plan?
I believe in my friends

What about Mrs Norris?
We need a Sleeping Draught

What about the cursed ice?
We can break the curse

Talking with Rowan

Year 2 Chapter 2

What if we can't find Ben?
Don't worry we'll find him

I have a really bad feeling...
You're just worried we all are

What if he's lost?
We won't stop searching

Ben is probably so afraid...
We'll do everything we can

Help Bill Become a Prefect

Year 2 Chapter 7

I thought I'd make Prefect...
I know you'll become a Prefect

I usually do well in my classes.
You work so hard you'll be fine.

I have to make Head Boy...
I know you'll earn it Bill.

Things usually come easy...
You'll overcome this Bill.

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