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Cat God’s Shrine

Cat God’s Shrine
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In The Burgle Cats, the Cat God’s shrine is a permanent, indestructible facility that provides various beneficial effects to the player through the use of Miracles. In this page, we will discuss in detail how to activate these permanent buffs that can improve your overall gameplay experience.


When you’re on a heist, the Cat God’s Shrine’s location is immediately visible on the map. Visiting it will allow you to collect Spirits, which you can use to ask for miracles at your own manor’s shrine and upgrade various features of your manor. When visiting another player’s manor, you must get the spirits from the shrine before finding the treasure. Otherwise, the cat god will wake up and you won’t be able to get the spirits from his shrine.

Back at your manor, you can access the Cat God’s shrine by tapping it and selecting Prayer.


You can use this feature to offer spirits and gold to unlock a Miracle - basically a permanent upgrade applied to your cats and manor. You’ll start off with a handful of miracles but as you reach higher League tiers, more miracles will become available.

Better Teamwork
Increases Willpower during Burgle Battles
Pantry Expansion
Increases max Snacks storage limit
Factory Production
Improves Snack production & max Factory Level
Barracks Expansion
Increases number of Cats that can fit in the Manor
Greedy Swipe
Increases gold collected while Swiping
Locksmith Training
Increases chance of instant Chest access
Pawprint Analysis
Increases gold collected from pawprints
Snacks Scrounger
Increases Critical chance when collecting Snacks
Improved Swipe
Increases Critical chance while Swiping

Upgrading Miracles

There are four spirit colors that you can get during Burgle Battles: Yellow, Blue, Red, and Rainbow. Aside from colors, these spirits have levels, represented by the star inside them. The levels will correspond to your League Tier. So if you’re at League 1, all spirits you can get from other players’ manors are 1-star, for League 2, two-stars, and so on.

Each miracle will require a certain number of colored spirits with the corresponding level. In the example below, to increase the Barracks Expansion miracle, you’ll need to submit a 1-star spirit for each color. As your miracle level increases, the level of the required spirits will increase well.
Cat God’s Shrine

Fusing Spirits

Since you don’t have control as to what colors of the spirits you’ll get from your Burgle Battle escapades, it’s possible to collect a large number of spirits of one color but lack other colors. That’s where Fusion comes in; this feature allows you to combine any three spirits to craft a single spirit. Depending on the combination of the colors you’ll input, you’ll see a preview of the possible outcomes.

Take note that there's still an element of RNG involved in this process. The bad outcome will be ending up with the same-colored spirit that you have excess of. Thankfully, you have the chance to re-roll or try again by spending cat food. Feel free to experiment with the combinations colors, even different leveled spirits. If you’re lucky, you might even receive two resulting spirits instead of one.
Cat God’s Shrine

Rank Down

It’s possible to up the League Tier and leave some miracles still stuck at LV1. Since all the spirits you’ll get will level up along with your League Tier, you won’t be able to obtain 1-star spirits to level up your LV1 Miracles. Thankfully, there’s the Rank Down feature in the Shrine. This allows you to lower the star of a spirit by one. This process doesn’t cost anything and you can rank down a single spirit multiple times if you need to.
Cat God’s Shrine

That concludes our quick guide about the Cat God’s Shrine. For more helpful tips and tricks about The Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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