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Manor Security Guide

Manor Security Guide
The Burgle Cats Guide

In The Burgle Cats, your manor serves as your crew’s base of operations and will have various facilities to help you and your crew to climb through the Burgle League ranks. Your manor can also be targeted by players so aside from managing your facilities, you’ll have to continuously and regularly improve your manor security. In this page, we will discuss your manor’s main security system: Traps

Trap Basics

You can only install up to 12 traps (of any kind) in your manor. Your manor’s fake vaults, main (real) vault, 3 Guard Doges, and Cat God’s Shrine does not count towards this trap limit. You can freely move the traps and other facilities around but doing so will delete the replays of previous heist attempts on your manor.

Each trap has its cost as well. This is the red dots under their portraits. Your manor can hold a total of 35 points worth of traps.
Manor Security Guide

Once you’re satisfied with the trap layout, you can save it. You can also save up to three layouts and swap them as necessary without manually arranging the traps and facilities. Furthermore, you can test your traps by tapping Preview and selecting Test Heist.

Upgrading your Traps

You’ll start off with the basic types of traps. You can get more by getting Treasure Chests from Burgle Battles or from the Cat Market. The available traps that you can get from the chests will depend on your Burgle League tier/rank.

Getting duplicate copies of traps will allow them to earn EXP. This is the only way to earn EXP for your traps. After the EXP gauge has been filled, you can pay the upgrade cost in Gold to increase the level of the trap.
Manor Security Guide

Trap Placement Tips

Here are some tips that you can consider to improve your manor’s security:
1. When another player successfully invades your manor, make sure to view the recorded replay before changing your manor’s trap layout. This is because the replays will be deleted whenever you change something in your manor’s security layout.
2. Noise-producing traps are best placed within the range of your guard doges. Better yet, try to place movement-hampering traps that can temporarily stop or slow down intruders.
3. Most players will go after the Cat God’s shrine first (to collect spirits) before hunting for your vault. In that case, try placing your Cat God’s shrine away from your vaults to serve as a distraction.
4. Try not to place your fake vaults and real vault near each other. Some players will be able to easily distinguish fake vaults depending on their locations.
5. Prioritize placing your upgraded traps compared to newer, low-level, high-rarity traps. It’s better to have a high-damaging, LV5 common trap than a LV1 super-rare trap.
6. Avoid using the Auto-Place function since the automatic trap placement is usually haphazard and not efficient.
Manor Security Guide

That concludes our guide for managing your cat’s equipment. For more helpful tips and tricks about Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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