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Manor Vault Guide

Manor Vault Guide
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In Burgle Cats, your crew will obtain a treasure chest upon a successful heist. Normally, you just need to open the treasure and get the loot. However, the chest gets stored in your manor’s Vault. This runaround serves as some sort of “loot-gate” mechanic that will prevent you from collecting your treasure immediately. In this page, we will discuss the basics and features of your own manor’s vault.

What is the Vault

The Vault is the room in your manor where the treasure is located. This is the room targeted by other players when they sneak in your manor. During Burgle Battles or Heists, you have to find the targeted player’s vault and get the treasure inside. Thankfully, your vault is not defenseless. You can protect it by setting traps in different rooms, assigning Guard Doges, or even placing your vault on a different location within the manor. We will cover more of this defensive feature in a separate page.

Treasure chests inside the vault can be stolen by other players! It’s annoying when your chest gets stolen while you’re waiting for your keys to recover but it’s something that we can’t prevent unless we have a good trap layout.
Manor Vault Guide

Where to Get Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests can contain Traps, Outfits, or Accessories. You can collect them as rewards for successful heists in Burgle Battles or by buying them from the Cat Market. However, the items you can collect from chests will be limited by your League Tier.

The chests you received from Burgle Battles must be stored in the Vault. Up to 4 chests can only be stored in the manor. To see the chests you have in possession, tap the Treasure Icon in the Manor menu.

How to Open Treasure Chests

You need keys to open the treasure chests you have collected from Burgle Battles. This is the fastest way of opening the chest (and collecting the loot inside) without the risk of getting stolen by rival burgles. For each key you use, the chest’s “unlock” progress gauge will be reduced. Keys will break during the unlocking attempt. Chests with higher rarity will require more keys to open. One Key is restored every 10 minutes.

Chests that you obtain will be automatically worked on by a Locksmith cat. However, this cat will only attempt to open the chest halfway through before switching to another available chest or stopping work completely. For the remaining half of the unlocking progress, you’ll have to use keys until you completely open the chest. During this time, the chest will be vulnerable for other players to loot.

You can also opt to spend Cat Food (premium currency) to open the chest instantly. The amount of cat food needed will depend on how much time remaining or how much unlock progress gauge is remaining.
Manor Vault Guide

That concludes our quick guide about your Manor’s Vault. For more helpful tips and tricks about Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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