The Burgle Cats

Burgle Cats Game Modes

Burgle Cats Game Modes
The Burgle Cats Guide

Burgle Cats is a puzzle/platformer where you lead a crew of burglar cats to break into other players' manors and loot their Vault. So far, the game has two game modes: Burgle Battle and Ticket Heist. In this page, we will discuss the difference between the two game modes.

Burgle Battle

This is the standard mode where you’ll have to break into another player’s manor to steal their treasure. Of course this is not straightforward. You have to outmaneuver the guard doges, survive the various traps, and avoid fake vaults. You’ll win by successfully getting their treasure and escaping the manor. You’ll lose if your crew’s willpower becomes depleted completely or if three members of your crew gets caught. Winning will also earn you Burgle Points, which in turn will increase your rank in the league.
Burgle Cats Game Modes

There are three types of rewards that you can get from treasure chests in Burgle Battle: Traps, Outfits, and Equipment. At the same time, other players can also attack your manor and steal the treasure chests hidden in your vault. If the attacking player successfully steals the treasure, you’ll lose both the treasure and some Burgle points. That’s why managing your manor’s security is an integral part of the game as well.

When your manor was successfully invaded, you’ll get a notification and a note in place of the treasure chest that was stolen. If you also tap the main menu on the left side of the screen and check the Heist Records, you’ll be able to replay a video of the heist (available only for a few hours) to help you review your Manor Security and decide how to improve it. Thankfully, the amount of points lost for a failed defense is not that high compared to the amount of points you’ll earn from your successful heists.
Burgle Cats Game Modes

Ticket Heists

This mode has the exact same mechanic as Burgle Battle. However, instead of trying to steal treasure chests containing Traps, Outfits, and Equipment, you’ll get Tickets that you can use to recruit new cats to your crew via the Cat Hunter. If you power up the Chest with Spirits you’ve taken from the Cat God Shrine, you’ll have the chance to earn multiple tickets. Burgle Points can’t be earned in this mode.

Once you’ve reached the 2nd League Rank, you’ll have the chance to pick up Rare Tickets. Thankfully, you don’t seem to lose tickets if other players successfully invaded your manor during Ticket Heists.
Burgle Cats Game Modes

That concludes our quick guide about the two game modes of The Burgle Cats. For more helpful tips and tricks about Burgle Cats, please check out our other helpful tips in this guide.

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